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Sexout Mods Conflict List (let me know if you find any)


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I figured I should do something for the community, and since i can't mod, i figured I'd make it a little easier to figure out what mods don't work with what. I'll post any mod conflicts i find, but i don't just download any mod i find. That said, if you happen to find a mod conflict for any of the sexout mods, feel free to put a post and i'll add it to the list. i'll check in every few days to see if anyone posts anything.


When reporting a mod conflict, please make absolutely, 100% sure (insert mod name here) is indeed the mod causing the conflict. Also a brief description on what the problems the conflicting mod causes would be nice, since some conflicts aren't game-breaking (like new vegas bounties). That said, here is the beginning of the list


Sexout Breeder conflicts:

-Russel companion (game breaking. makes a key dialogue option unavailable)

-Willow (not a conflict per se. just make sure you don't let her wander outside the bungalow) 

-New Vegas Bounties (very minor. Adds a building over the ant nest. you can still get in and out)

-Run the Lucky 38 (adds an overlapping building to the farm. you can get in the farmhouse with the console commands via either "tcl" or disabling the overlapping building. the door will still be there)

-Companion Sandbox (conflicts with sexout) npc's told to relax will not play sex animations.


And that's it for now. Sorry it's so short, but maybe with your help i can fix that.

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