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Problems with sexlab defeat

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Alright so I'm at this and I admit that I have problems with the simplest installation of files, I decided to give Sex Lab a go, and added animated prostitution to make the animation work and it does. However I installed Sex Lab Defeat and when my character "female" gets knocked down, I get the option to resist or no, if I dont they strip the character, and strip themselves then they just stop and stand with their arms raised to the side. When I hit the console button though the game reads the animation that theyre doing but, theres no voices nor animations, after their finished standing doing absolutely nothing my characters is then suddenly lying on the ground as if theres something that happened I ran out of options I need help advancing.

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Sorry for putting it in the wrong section and yes, I already have FNIS installed and generated it, whenever the animation starts, the would strip the clothes of whomever is being taken advantage of, and then just stand there.. with their arms to the side, surprisingly when I hit the console button the game registers the action being taken ie "Rough from behind" is written there but again theres no animation

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Animated Prostitution is not compatible with Sexlab. This is a known issue since sex mods came into existence. You have to either pick one or the other.


AP is a standalone mod with its own sex animations (which is already included with SL). I recommend that you remove AP because it's outdated and that the other sex mods all use Sexlab as a unified framework anyway.





PS: AP does not support rape animations, it's said so by the AP author himself on Nexus.



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