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CBBE Pregnancy enabled w/o bbp


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I have tried psb and a bunch of other stuff. Even tried removing the skeleton_female.hkx file.

It seems i cant have a pregnancy body without tits jiggling all over the place.


Why would i not want tits jiggling all over the place?

Well, i would like to utilize some of the nipple piercings available in DD and other mods. So far as i know these piercings dont work with bbp.


I guess my real question is: Can I use a pregnancy body and nipple piercings at the same time without it looking ridiculous?


I am sorry if this question has been answered, I did search for it on LL and using google, but was unable to get an answer.

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Manually edit an hdt.xml to remove the breast bone entries completely.


Or edit the body and remove the breast weights.


I am not exactly sure how to do either of those. I have an idea what you mean and did some digging but ultimately I just dont have the expertise to figure it out. can you expand a little on how to do it? I cant find an hdt.xml for some reason, I dont know how to even start thinking about editing a body

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