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Where can I get more help on modding?


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Hi guys, first post here. I recently just acquired Skyrim and wasted no time trying to make my female character as hot as possible. I'm obviously very new to modding in general as I've mostly just played games the way they were (vanilla flavour). I couldn't really find much information on what exactly I wanted to know so I've come here for help.


I installed CBBE with all the Bodyslide and Outfit Studio stuff and I'm using a custom preset created through Bodyslide, however I'm a little confused at all the terms being thrown around such as BBP, TBBP and HDT.


I wanted to make her sexy bits jiggle because otherwise they look hard as rocks, so I installed HDT physics extension and a mod named "the TBBP animation of Dragonfly with butt bounce" (only installed the moving forward animations". I also then installed XP32 Maximum Skeleton. What's the difference between this one and just the "Groovtama's Extended Skeleton" and which one do I need? Also how do I generate a body in Bodyslide that can actually get jiggly? The back of the neck of the CBBE TBBP body is jutting out for some reason so I can't use that. Is it all the same if I just use CBBE HDT or CBBE BBP body?


Then I noticed a mod called HDT Breast and Butt Physics by threedeedevil. What does this mod do exactly? If the TBBP mod I installed already gives jiggle, does this mod just change the way the jiggle works? Do I have to install this?


I'd also like to know if there are any resources out there that I can read, such as what the hell do skeleton files actually do and why there are so many different file types all with skeleton in them and other stuff. 


Thank you for reading such a lengthy post.



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Read the various tutorial and other files in the Skyrim section. Google for questions on what you want. Then finally post a single direct question on a specific need that cannot be resolved or answered through the above. You have already done the best thing for your Skyrim learning by joining this site. :D. I would answer those question however I just use whatever was told to me to use for the bodies currently and don't even have the HDT installed yet ( if ever) I was working on making my Skyrim more beautiful everywhere but the NPC / Player.. lol.


HOwever I might help some. The skeleton like yours is the framework that the body uses. The bodies and skeleton must be compatible to work. The body meshes. ( stuff that gives the shape and curves ) are designed and require certain skeletons to function correctly. Added the textures. What goes over the meshes must be designed to work with that mesh or the shadowing and coloration will not look correctly. Things might get distorted like a stretched out picture in locations etc.


The neck seam issue is common through out these games. There are tricks and even tools that can get your perferred body mods to work better by tweaking them to perfection. It is a larger learning curve and some customization is needed but .. the results are what you might find in the Show yourself thread for skyrim Beautiful perfect characters. There are other tools here on this site that can convert those armors to what you want provided you are willing to do the work. There are batch programs yet you still need to tweak the files a bit for perfection sake.


As far as which body/skeleton/texture/physics as long as they are compatible it is your choice. ( if not compatible you can work to make them compatible for your use.. lol) The sky is the limit. In time you might be adding to the confusion with your own body / armor/ or even texture mods.. :)

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HDT is used for many things as of late as more people are using it for different things. it first came out for only heels for added height then came hair skirts boobs butts and so forth for moving physics. BBP stands for boobs butt physics I think not sure what the T stands for in TBBP maybe it stands for too much boob and butt physics. There are a shit ton of skeletons because there are a shit ton of different bodies that do different things and if you use the wrong skeleton with the wrong body it will almost always cause a instant CTD (crash to desktop) there are also many skeletons with different weapon placements. 

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