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Breasts not curving properly when nude


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Hi, I'm using Skyrim, and CBBP, and Skimpier Armours, and Racemenu. And sexlab, along with a few minor ones to give my character sex spells.


When I create a new character, or use Showracemenu to remake my current one, I can change her breast size, the curve of it, ect. And when she's wearing armour, the L Breast Curve and R Breast Curve slider works fine. But as soon as I remove her armour, or an NPC removes it for her, her breasts stay at their '2.5 size' size, but their curve seems to immediately become one/zero. This results in two rounded-rectangular blobs sticking out like they're spears stuck into her, instead of actual large breasts. But when the armour goes back on, they look fine again.


Is there a fix for this?

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Sounds like some issues that I've been dealing with recently.  I would suggest installing/updating your HDT Physics extension, as well as trying out a new skeleton file for female bodies.  Also, it's apparently very important in which order your install all of these mods.  I would suggest re-installing CBBP, then the HDT Extensions, then one of the XPMS Skeletons.  Can also re-install your outfit mods just to be safe.

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Most armors that are not TBBP, or BBP or HDT (actually most of these are too they just add the bone weighting to make then have the proper bounce), are actually replacers, and replace the area where they are equiped, using your skin texture where the skin shows so it looks very much like it has been put on, and the area not replaced.


  I would guess that you may have a problem with the body mesh you are using, though I would have no idea just what would be best for fixing that. as I don't use CBBE, it is a fine body mesh, a little less detailed Polygon wise than UNP or UNPB, but very nice, and was one of the first I think was the first well done replacement body for Skyrim.


 But I do think from your discription that it is you body mesh or the skeleton you are using that is causing your problem. But I could be very wrong too.


I use the UNP TBBP mesh from this post, http://www.loverslab.com/topic/22986-req-sevenbase-pregnant/page-3?do=findComment&comment=633208 and groovetama's Skeleton, but it is a UNP, and I am based off the UNPB blessed body, though I use little of the UNPB body anymore, it is still the base for mine, I am not really into the topheavy thing, and this body scales well, and the bottom, and top, are jiggly, and it has and excellent Pregnancy belly. So I use it. There are many UNP, and UNPB>> TBBP HDT clothing out there if you look, and I like the body.

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