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Am I the only one confused about how to add mods?

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I just became a member yesterday... My boyfriend told me I should download some sexy mods, but since we're a distant couple I have to do this on my own... And I'm very confused about everything. I got Skyrim from Steam (I'm not sure if that's the only place you can get it from.) Steam Workshop is easy, you press a button and it adds the mod to the game for you and does all the work for you. But with this, you click on a mod, click download and it shows a bunch of options for downloading.


All I want is to download Sanguine's Debauchery, because it's the only mod where you can become enslaved and such in a more immersive way (I wish there was one even more immersive than this one, with even more options, but it'll do.) However, in the requirements section it has a HUGE list of other downloads it needs, a few of those other downloads needing downloads, and so on... It's all VERY overwhelming and I wish this site was as simple as steam workshop (or that these awesome mods were on there, but that'll never happen...)


I'm marvelous at video games, but I fall short in skills when it comes to all of this jibberish... So if anyone could be of assistance, please? I'd appreciate it so much. I also wanted the high heel walk from Skyrim Nexus but... That doesn't seem like it'll happen either.



Update (8/23/2014): I am not new to Skyrim, I've been playing for about 6 or so months. My computer runs on Windows 7. I'm just very new to taking care of skyrim mods without steam workshop. Also, I only have the Hearthfire DLC at the moment. I'll likely be getting the other DLCs in the near future. Thank you for any help.

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Well, if you're brand new to Skyrim, and Skyrim modding in particular, you're really jumping in head-first with a mod like Sanguine's Debauchery.

I'll try to be as thorough as possible, and as simple as possible. For example, I'm just going to give you the basics and most common dependencies - I'm not going to go into detail about skeletons, rigging, differences between popular body type mods, realistic force differences, load orders and the why of it all, etc... other people WILL have different opinions on what is best. I use these because they work for me.

I'll also try my best NOT to suggest recommended mods... after you've played around with Skyrim for a while (and Sanguine's Debauchery... :) I suggest you browse mods here and at the Nexus and look for some good ones, or ask around.

I'm assuming here that you're familiar with downloading files, their download location on your computer, extracting compressed files like ZIP or 7Z archives, how to copy files from place to place, etc.

I'm also assuming here that you're running Windows 7 - these instructions should work just fine with Windows 8, but I don't have it and haven't tested it. I have no idea if it'll work with any other operating system.





The first thing you'll need to do is download the mod itself and all of its dependencies. There are a lot of them, and many of them chain to other dependencies as well.

From Loverslab, download these:


  (Download the file called "SexLabFramework.v159.7z")

  [This is the basic framework for all Sexlab mods]

  (Download the file called "DeviousDevices - Assets 2.8.2.zip")

  [This contains all models and textures for items used in SD+ as well as other mods, such as chastity belts, plugs, collars, etc]

  (Download the file called "DeviousDevices-Integration-v2.8.1.rar")

  [This is the mod that actually adds Devious Devices into the game]

  (Download the file called ZazAnimationPack_V0562.7z")

  [This contains all (most, actually) sexual animations you'll ever need]

  (Download the file called "SexLab_Aroused_v20140214.zip")

  [This contains another framework necessary for many LL mods]

  (Download the file called "SDPlus2043.7z")

  (If you have gotten Dawnguard and Dragonborn expansions as well, you'll need to download the file "SDPlus20Addons.7z" as well)

  [This is the mod you're shooting for.]


From Skyrim Nexus, you'll need to download these: (note that Nexus also requires setting up a free account).

For now, don't worry about "download with manager" or NMM or anything like that. When downloading, select "download manually" or "experimental download from CDN"


  (Download the file "XPMS 1-93a NMM-BAIN INSTALLER")

  [This is the advanced skeleton necessary for most new animations and many mods. There are other skeletons out there that are compatible, this one is just the most common.]

  (Download the file "Realistic Force")

  [This is necessary for the complete working of the XPMS skeleton just above]

  (Download the file "Death Alternative - Your Money Or Your Life)

  [This one is necessary for SD+ to actually work for enslavement.]

  (Download the file "FNIS Behavior V5_1_1 - ALWAYS necessary")

  (Download the file "FNIS Creature Pack 5_1")

  [The above two files are for getting more advanced animations to actually work in-game. Without them, the mods will "work" but you'll get wierd effects, like people just standing there in T-poses.]

  [Working with FNIS can also be a little complicated, but we'll get to that too.]

  (Download the file "SkyUI_4_1")

  [This is an update to Skyrim's basic user interface, and is necessary for many mods to work properly. There are people who really don't like it - for example, my sister absolutely hates it - but most people prefer it to the default user interface.]

  [if you end up not liking it, there is a way to keep the functionality of it for mods but get rid of the actual interface changes.]



Finally, you'll need the Skyrim Script Extender, which is necessary for everything. I know I've said that a lot - "this is nessary for lots of stuff" - but without SKSE, you're pretty much sunk for every large mod in existence except basic texture and model replacers.

  (Download the current build - I recommend downloading the "installer")





Now you've got everything and are ready to start adding the mod(s) to your game.

At this point, you should have 14 new files.

I'm going to go through them one by one and tell you how to extract them, because different modders tend to use different file structures.

First thing you're going to need to do is create a new, temporary directory somewhere to extract the files into.

When copying, just merge the folders. I don't think there should be any overwrites, but if anything does ask you to overwrite, just say yes.

1.   Open up the SexLabFramework file and extract its contents into your temp directory.

2.   Open up the Devious Devices Assets file.

2a.  Inside will be several folders - don't worry about most of them. Just open up 00 Core.

2b.  Extract the contents into the temp folder.

2c.  DO NOT DELETE THIS ARCHIVE - once we're done here, you'll be able to delete everything else, but keep this one because you'll need to access it again when you select a body mod.

3.   Open up the DeviousDevices Integration file and extract all contents to the temp directory

4.   Open up the ZazAnimation file and extract all contents into your temp directory

5.   Open up the SexLab Aroused file and extract all contents into the temp directory

6.   Open up the SDPlus file.

6a.  Inside will be a Data folder. open it up.

6b.  Extract the contents into your temp folder.

7.   Open up the SDPlus20Addons file, but only if you have Dragonborn and/or Dawnguard expansions for Skyrim. If not, ignore this one.

7a.  Inside you'll see a folder called Addons. Open it up.

7b.  Inside that one called Data. Open it up.

7c.  Extract the files for the expansions you have into the temp directory. I'm assuming that since you're new to Skyrim you probably don't have Frostfall, so ignore that one.

8.   Open up the XPMS 1-93 NMM BAIN file, and don't be put off by the apparent complexity here. These NMM and BAIN files are meant for a specific installer program, but we're going to bypass it and get just what you need out of here.

8a.  Open up the 00 Skeleton Rig folder and extract the contents into the temp folder.

9.   Open up the Realistic Force file and extract the contents into the temp folder.

10.  Open up the Death Alternative file and extract the contents into the temp folder.

11.  Open up the FNIS Behavior file.

11a. Inside will be a folder called FNIS Behavior 5.1.1. Open it up.

11b. Inside that will be a folder called Data. Open it up.

11c. Extract the contents into the temp folder.

12.  Open up the FNIS Creature Pack file.

12a. Inside will be a folder called FNIS Creature Pack 5.1. Open it up.

12b. Inside that will be a folder called Data. Open it up.

12c. Extract the contents into the temp folder.

13.  Open up the SkyUI file and extract the contents into the temp folder.


At this point, you're temp folder should look something like this:


You still have one file we haven't worked with yet - the SKSE installer. Just go ahead and install it like it was any other program.

It should create a new icon on your desktop. You'll be using this to start the game from now on - don't try to start it from Steam... the game will work, but most everything you just did will be broken. The Skyrim Launcher is okay to start up, but don't press Play.



Now, copy all of the files in the temp directory to the following directory:

  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data





Now you've got everything installed properly, but Skyrim doesn't know it yet.

Skyrim can run up to 255 mods at a time, but most mods need to be activated before they'll actually work for you.

People use many different kinds of mod managers to do this, the most popular are Wrye Bash and Mod Organizer. They also use utilities such as BOSS or LOOT to organize their mod lists.

Since you've only downloaded a few mods, you probably don't have to worry about this yet until you start really getting into modded Skyrim.

For now, to activate your mods and let Skyrim know they're there, just run the Skyrim Launcher from Steam like you normally would. Don't press PLAY!

Press the "DATA FILES" button and a window should pop up, looking something like this:


It'll be a list of your mods with boxes next to them. Click everything so it's got a checkmark next to it.

You'll also want to organize the load order for Skyrim. I won't go into the details of how it works, or why, but in short, whatever is higher up on this list gets loaded first, and stuff lower down overwrites it and uses it.

So for example, if you put Sanguine's Debauchery above SexLab Framework, the mod won't run properly when you start the game, because Sanguine's Debauchery will be looking for stuff in the framework that hasn't been loaded yet.

Select mods and press the up and down arrows to put them in their proper places. The final list should look like this:


. Dawnguard.esm (assuming you have the expansion)

. HearthFires.esm (assuming you have the expansion)

. Dragonborn.esm (assuming you have the expansion)

. SexLab.esm

. SexLabAroused.esm

. ZaZAnimationPack.esm

. Devious Devices - Assets.esm

. daymoyl.esm

. Devious Devices - Integration.esm

. HighResTexturepack01.esp (assuming you have it)

. HighResTexturepack02.esp (assuming you have it)

. HighResTexturepack03.esp (assuming you have it)

. SkyUI.esp

. Devious Deviants.esp

. sanguinesDebauchery.esp

. SDpatch - dawnguard.esp (assuming you have the expansion)

. SDpatch - dragonborn.esp (assuming you have the expansion)

. dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic.esp






The last step we're going to do is run the FNIS tool so animations will properly play in game.

Navigate to:

  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users

And double click on GenerateFNISforUsers.exe

A window should pop up looking something like this:


Click to select "GENDER Specific Animations" and "SKELETON Arm Fix".

Don't worry about the other options - you probably don't even have any of them anyway.

Click on the big yellow button that says "Update FNIS Behavior" and let it run.

After a while, the text box should have three lines on it at the bottom.

1. Something like "mt_behavior usage" followed by a percentage, furniture, offset, and alternates.

2. # animations for # mods successfully included

3. # animations for # mods and # creatures successfully included.

I don't know exactly what yours will look like, but here's an example of what mine looks like:


Yours will probably have fewer animations, but at this point everything should be working just fine.

Go ahead and exit the FNIS tools program. Everything should be installed and working properly.

Run Skyrim from the SKSE launcher that the installer put on your desktop. Don't run it from Steam - like I said, the Steam one works fine, but won't deal properly with the new mods you've installed.


That's it... I hope I've gotten everything right for you. It's been a while since I did this all from scratch, and I might have skipped a step or gotten something wrong... but I think it'll all work out okay.



p.s. If you ever have trouble, ask future questions here on Loverslab - asking questions about stuff like this on Nexus is a good way to get your account banned, ESPECIALLY if you mention any of the mods on this site. They're a little tightassed over there.


p.p.s. About nude skins - I believe that Sexlab already comes with nude skins for males and females.

However, you may want to get your own. That's why I said to keep the Devious Devices Assets file, so the object meshes and textures will work correctly with whatever body mods you select.

For females, there are several good ones out there, but the most common (and most compatible) are UNP and CBBE. I personally use UNP (UNPB actually) but tastes vary.

You'll also need a nude male skin, but I believe that the Sexlab framework comes with one already. For that matter, I think it comes with a nude female skin too, but I'm not too sure about that.

Like I said, though, I think that Sexlab already comes with nude skins, so I wouldn't worry about this step just yet.


p.p.p.s. At this point, you've installed the basic framework necessary for almost every mod here on LL, and most mods on Nexus. If everything works out when you play, you should be able to just download and extract mods right into your data folder, activate them, and then play from here on.

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