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Immersive First Person View Issue

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Looks like that mod has many issues. Avoiding. Guess I should've posted this under Sexlab Tech Support to get help. It seems female players have no issue, then again they're on top so it appears to affect the one on bottom when Arrok Cowgirl is playing, other animations are affected too like (oh what's it called) Zygn Missionary or whatever. Camera is just all muffed up. Reinstalling the mod again didn't help. Trying new game didn't help either.

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You must have rotation set to 100 during Sexlab animations.


Here is a mod that allows you to set up custom profile for this:




Then make a profile and select "custom 1" in the tickbox selections and make sure it is above idle profile so it will be selected.


In that profile reduce both near distance settings to very low, set rotation to 100 and make any other adjustments you would like.

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