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I think I'm about to do something with catastrophic results...


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The title got your attention, but I have a question... Is it possible to combine two skeletons? What I am trying to accomplish here is taking the maximum skeleton's upper half, and somehow beat it onto a Spider Daedra's full skeleton to create a playable Spider Daedra with a fully customizable human upper half that does NOT crash the hell out of the game.

Is this just a pipe dream or is it possible?

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of course you can do a new skeleton by copy and past from one to de 2nd (for the ragdoll there is a cheat)         after you need to rig the spider mesh to the new skeleton         and third thing is to adapt new animations   as the actual animations will not meet the bones  creating streching and farious deformations.


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Merging the nif skeletons? Easy and doable


Having proper bone hierarchies and correct animation data in the accompanying .hkx file. Now that's extremely tricky and may or may not be do-able (Maybe ask groovtama if possible?)


In either case if you make a playable drider race in skyrim you will be my hero.

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It would seem I'm failing miserably! First, I had an error where the bottom half stretches to infinity, now that I fixed that, the entire upper half stretches to infinity in all directions! I seem to be able to have only one half working at a time. I can make the upper half work if I keep a shirt on it, but so far no good :(

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if you are talking about skyrim       --i am out of it --


if you are talking about oblivion      it is normal     you  can not simply merge skeletons  and or point the mesh to 2 dkeletons            second   the body need to meet one or the other skeleton   or a new skeleton  !      ( did you made a new skeleton ?     did you rig the full mesh  ?    did you do any animations for it ? the most important !!! )


and there is already a playable spider daedra in nexus you can take exemple of what was done !!!

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yes I saw that, and I have made as much progress as that modder did. I'm trying for a fully working human upper half, I want it to be compatible with body mods and such.

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the only  probleme is  animations      you need to make all animations   absolutly all     when you will finish basic animations (walk, left, right etc)  you will see  the spider correctly.


you can cheat   and make the lower part like cloth  but it will remain static  !


i am telling you that because i have already done a spider daedra d cup  posted in creature overhall   page 8     i have adapted to sd skeleton  because of animations mostly  and did not wanted to disturbe Gregathit  with new animations  (as i am not an animator).

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Thanks fejeena, but you're too late. My entire Oblivion game is perma-fucked. Once I fixed the broken .esm, my entire wrye bash load order and merged patches broke. 


EDIT: I forgot I keep a backup of my Data folder for just such occasions :P


My game's back up and running, I'll give yours a shot and see if I can tweak it some, fejeena ^_^

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