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Body Issues (Please Help)


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When I use body meshes like: b3lisario's UNPB BBP Pregnant Body (beta) I get freakish boobs and The belly has a huge issue.

I will give you 3 images, standing, jumping and sneaking






Please help, I dont know what to do


I need the belly to work to use with pregnant mods like: Estrus Chaurus

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That's a easy one you are using incorrect body textures that are not compatible with the body that you are using you need to find textures that are compatible with the body you are using or you will get weird stuff like that. If you use UNP and try to wear CBBE armor you will also get marks like that around the hip/crotch area. If you are using UNP you need UNP compatible body textures if you are using CBBE compatible body textures and so forth.

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Myuhinny just told you how to fix it.

b3lisario's UNPB BBP Pregnant Body (beta) meshes require unp compatible textures, which you clearly do not have installed.
I'll put it another way; install a unp type body (ONE of these -> unp, unpb, 7B, etc), then copy b3lisario's pregnant meshes to the appropriate folder and overwrite when asked.

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No... CBBE body mesh use a CBBE body texture.

UNPB body mesh use a UNP body texture.

You may look around for a CBBE body mod that has Belly support (or just use Body slide and HDT to get belly support for a CBBE body).


Again CBBE mesh needs CBBE textures, you can not use a CBBE body texture on a UNP, UNPB, 7Base, Bombshell, Dreamgirl, UNP Slim, or any other UNP mesh It will not work due to the UV mapping in the mesh for the appropriate textures.


If you want to use b3lisario's UNPB BBP Pregnant Body then get a UNP skin to go with it.

Something like Barbarian/Milk Drinker, SG Renewal, or any other UNP skin texture set and UNPB based armors.


If you want to use CBBE Armors then get a CBBE body mesh that supports Belly distortion.



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um thanks, all this started because I tried to use the Estrus Chaurus mod but the belly didn't work so I tried many things and it got fucked up. I changed from cbbe to unp again and again, changing meshes and textures but the belly got from not being affected to graphical issues.

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