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[Help] Making male NPC's have sweaty/oily skin


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So I wondering how I could make my male npcs have an shiny/oily/sweaty look.


Sporty Sexy Sweat Does not work well/look good and has many issues that were never resolved by the author. Also, it was just an identical rip of the female version.


As added information, I would prefer it if I could keep my current hairy male textures from SoS, unless there is a better hairy sweaty version that doesn't have neck, wrist, or leg seams. Thanks!


Edit: I'm also wondering what ENB settings would be relevant to make more sweaty/oily looking bodies. Thanks in advance!

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Download NifSkope and look for the instructions here on LL. It's how I learned to do it. In a bit I could fire up Skyrim and see if the NifSkope glossiness and specular strength adjustments work on the SoS meshes as well as they do on female bodies. I think it will, though.

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@TnTTnT Read my post one more time lol. I specifically named that mod as a sham that also doesn't work as intended. Read the Nexus comments. 


@gvman3670 I just downloaded nifscope and am going to look for tutorials to change body shine/ glossiness. It should be pretty straightforward but I still I hope  don't mess anything up...  :D

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Yeah, NifSkope works on the male body meshes in SoS.




Mind you, this was setting the glossiness to 300 (on a scale of 1 to 1000) and the specular strength to 50 (7 was default).


You start up NifSkope and click the "load" button at the top/left. Point NS at the location where your SoS mod is located (in data or in the mods folder in Mod Organizer). Then follow the instructions you find here on LL. I'll look for them and link them if I do find them.

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