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Oblivion Sex mods guide


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Hi mates,


I bought oblivion and i like to mod it with sex mods.

Is there any Adult sex mod guide or a all-in-one pack?

I have no idea, what i have to install first.

Can sb. post such a guide?

i would be awesome, if sb. can tell me the names of good sex mods(futa..) or give me some links




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If you can't be bothered to read the freaking guides before asking someone to spend time giving you the info that is already in the guides, don't be surprised when he tells you to go read them. It really isn't rocket science.


The only thing not explicitly mentioned is that no, there is no need for a program like fnis in Oblivion.

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Oblivion sex Framework is LAPF http://www.loverslab.com/topic/21241-lapf/   read the install instruction Spoiler, there are all Mods (Body, animations, Tools ) you need.

I personally do not use Wrye Bash and I use Pluggy 125c. All other things in the install instruction I have installed.


After you have installed LAPF you can install LoversCreatures2 if you wont creatures sex.

Then you can install Mods



A little Basics. You need  Oblivion and ShiveringIsles and patch1.2.0416

Do not install Oblivion in the folder specified by the Installation ( C:\ programfiles.....), Change it, best not in C: (if your Windows crashed/virus and you must delete whole C all your mods are gone). Problem are the fucking administrator rights, some Oblivion programs do not work right with the standart Folder, or you have Problems to overwrite files,......


here nearly all Lovers Mods http://www.loverslab...h-direct-links/

And see Downloads http://www.loverslab.com/files/category/5-lovers-with-pk/


Lovers Basic Mods: from the LAPF Supplemental Plugin Pack

Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP and Lovers Voice SSP Plus (sex via Dialog. NPCs must like you! also a Prostitution System included)

Lovers Paybandit 1.4a (pay guards and bandits with sex)


other basic Mods:

-Lovers RaperS (rape during fights.NPC > Player or Player with a spell NPCs)

-Lovers Joburg ( rape not in fights, NPCs or Creatures get horny and rape the Player or other NPCs. good Setting spell. If you Play a male and do not get raped by male,female and creatures you can set it to 0, then activate the joburg active Setting and NPCs can rape NPCs and you will see only male rape female, creature rape female and female rape female)

-Lovers Hookers (a better Prostitution System. Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP patch included) ! It is also playable with males !

-and many more


Lovers Load order here in the Spoiler http://www.loverslab.com/topic/4487-please-read-before-posting-here/  Wrong load order = no sex !

BOSS   http://boss-developers.github.io/     Program to sort your no lovers Mods.

Run BOSS, then sort the Mods BOSS did not sort manually in the Mod manager(clothes Mods to sorted clothes Mods, Quest Mods to sorted quest Mods, .....Sort them in about alphabetically within the categoriesThen sort your Lovers Mods manually in the Oblivion modmanger (Boss does not sort Lovers Mods right)


And here Mods that are not compatible with Lovers (disable those, if you have those) http://www.loverslab...le-with-lovers/

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