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So I should probably turn in my PC Master race card for saying this but, I have no idea on how to mod Skyrim.  Can someone give me a detailed how-to on how to set up a mod on Skyrim??  (if this helps,  Skyrim was downloaded by Steam).  Please help me!

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Guest endgameaddiction

I would start off by clicking here. Gopher has done an encyclopedia of Mods tutorials on installing and what they are about. Look for his Mod Sanctuary #1 and go from there.

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Watched many of his basic videos..  and even with my ability to mod Skyrim I found them very useful. He suggested mods I hadn't even knew were available in combinations that made sense. Saved me many hours of testing this mod and that mod and which mod was conflicting which mod etc.


Make sure you really watch and pay attention from the beginning if you aren't sure on how to mod for Skyrim. Do exactly what he is stating to do. ( this means you will be using NMM however it is simple and you can learn how to get your mods in order before moving to more complex mod managers like MO.)



Don't just watch the video  above. Go to the You tube page. The reason is easier finding the next videos in the series.

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