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Black Teeth problem with Custom Race.

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Howdy, first i apologise if this is in the wrong section or if there is a thread for this kinda thing.


Anyway, i've downloaded the Miqote race > http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/36018/? that one. And i've created a character and i got a look at my characters face and she has Black  Teeth, at first i thought i installed something wrong so i unistalled the mod / Reinstalled and made a clean save. Same thing happens, so i check to see if maybe the nif was pointing it to a texture that wasn't there, i checked it.. everything looked okay, but i changed it to a different teeth texture just to see if it was the problem, well.. it wasn't.


I've tried looking around but can't find anything anywhere on the issue aside from a few people on the Nexus who were having the same issue, comments from 2011. So, is there anyway to remedy this problem, or is there a more updated Miqote race around that i can upgrade to?

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Black objects ( texture ) is a missing normal map, the ...._n.dds files.

Is there a teeth _n.dds in your custom race Folder ( if it use the original game texture there should not be the black texture Problem, or something is wrong with the teeth mesh )


Edit: checked the mesh and textures path. Mesh seems ok and the Miqote.esp use original imperial textures. So I don't know why the teeth are black in game. sorry.

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Ups :blush:  It is not the original imperial textures. Original are teethLowerHuman.dds and TeethUpperHuman.dds

But you need a teethhuman.dds in your data\textures\characters\Imperial   Folder. (upper and lower in one texture. And teeeth meshes does not have a normal map ( so no teethhuman_n.dds )

So check the textures Folder and set archive invalidated via bsa redirection. ( in Oblivion Modmanager  http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15185-xeo-sp/?view=findpost&p=496940 or Wrye Bash )


if you do not have one, here is one   teethhuman.7z


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