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RaceMenuMod Overlays Issue

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In Skyrim I've installed a couple of mods that require to be activated through the overlay tab in RaceMenu like:

KJ Tattoos - Overlay Plugins for RaceMenu by Khajiitas

Freckle Mania by tetrodoxin

However, when I open the overlay tab there is nothing. I apologize because I might just really be missing out something basic here because I'm a noob but any information on how to solve this would be highly appreciated. I've included what my RaceMenu looks like and I've updated it to its latest version.


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when you updated did you uninstall the previous version and install the new one or just over-write the old one?

Not sure if it is an issue or not but I know I used to use ECE aswell as Racemenu and only use Racemenu now.


I use the Tattoo Pack you are trying and it works just fine.


Have you tried to use this on any other races/sex/custom race (Ningham (sp.))



Just installed the Freckle mod too to make sure that was ok and works fine for me.


Thank you btw, have been looking for a freckle mod that was flexible and that is just about perfect.

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Thanks for replying 

I've just installed a new version of Racemenu through the Nexus Mod Manager and disabled my old one. I have also tried to use it on different races and sexes but in vain.

You're welcome for the mod haha :D I only wish I could be able to use it too. 

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Hate to say this cos it could mean a lot of work, but disabling isn't quite the same as uninstalling. However unlikely it isn't impossible that something from the original files is interfering with the current version.


Personally what I would do next is uninstall Racemenu and then go into the files and make sure all the files are deleted. Then reinstall the latest version. 


If that doesn't get it working then I would start to look at other mods that manage or manipulate the PC's appearance.


You didn't say if you use ECE?

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ECE issue was other way round, if you had ECE it might have been the cause of your problem as they both work in similar area doing similar things in similar ways (kinda get the idea they are similar :D ). I used to use both but have recently just used Racemenu, so I wasnt sure if they would interfer with each other or not. 


hopefully clearing all of your current install out and reinstalling just the latest version will do the trick.

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Every time when I undress ( get naked)  the game aborts abruptly...........


this happens also when i sell all my clothes .......  it was fun to start..... but thats it

You should of created your own thread especially since this isnt a related issue to the op's. But i'm not a total ass its likely due to using the wrong skeleton for your body don't know what body your using but ill take a stab and say its a bbp, tbbp or hdt body get this skeleton.

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