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  1. I played it again, searching for a way to have sex with stephbrother or Uncle as a attractive female. Nowhere the option to ask for sex. Or the question if I wanted some hot loving. How is submissiveness working is 100 submissive or 0 submissive ? Mis the possibilities to kiss or ask for a kiss from relatives to create a more intimate relationship. Keep up the works and thanks for your creativity ....
  2. Version 0.01


    This is a Simple 20 files Setup to have sex happen in Skyrim. Its a very rude way of copy to the Skyrim/data folder or what ever folder is needed Follow the printscreen and collect the files from 1 to 20, thats the most heavy part all files collected are with my setup 167 mb List Skse 1_07_03 Packed File , not executable Hdt Physics Extension 53996-14-28 360walkrun Run towards Cam. Fuz do Roh JContainers v3.3 Nio = netimmerse override v3.4.4.374 Papyrusutil_v31 Skyui_5_1-3863-5-1 UIextensions v 1-2-0-57046 Immersive Hud =Ihud-3222-3-0-03 Realistic Force-601-1-9 = Ragdoll Fnis Behavior V6_2 Fnis Creature Pack 6_1 Racemenu V3-4-5-29624 Xp32 Maximum Skeleton Extended 68000-3-82 SOS Schlongs of Skyrim - 3.00.004 Sexlab Framework V161b Full SexlabMatchMaker.rev7 = for testing sex Follow me for sex 1.6 Sexlab Aroused _V28a For other install info see the forum. For Searching use Google !! or whatever you use to have results I used CBBE for my setup. Program - Tes5edit to clean your ESM files update , dragonborn , heartfire , dawnguard Program - Loot to get the loadorder correct and get info about other possible problems Program - BodySlide . Credit goes to All mod makers of the mods In the list above , the creators of the programs and all other people not mentioned that had a part in creating the possibillity to make Skyrim A wonderfull world. Me, I am just me and hope I did nothing wrong..........
  3. Yes, it worked. Its a pitty not be able to see what is done to me in this part of my punishment, but still happy with the solution, Thanks Kendo...
  4. Veladarius, After doing the delivery quest and being to late i get my punishment it starts with Get in front of the case then Herran ties me up in chains and I am hanging there...... then nothing, is there a script missing or an other bug. (or am I the only one with this problem ?) I played this with the version 23-8-2016 4,9 mb lesp . and the 21-8 version 4.9 mb . and tried the unlocalized esp 23-08-2016 5.3 mb , tried 5 times but nothing happens . Thanks... For a great mod
  5. A mod I made myself , "A Magic Force" Its when you start Skyrim and you leave the cave. on the left side lies a burned corpse on his body you find a magic ring and some other items + a spellbook "deadly fire ball". I cheat and cheat and the rest you know or I wouldn't be here on loverslab.
  6. After the update I get unwanted blowjob effects. is there no scriptcheck who is male or female. BTW, great job on making this all working.
  7. from riverwood to the mill ? are two fisherman, woman whatever one behind the 3 stones and one on a small island. If a follower is made and put nearby a camp, Riverwood has two bedrolls and a cooking + campfire outside the village besides its easy to goto in the console with the command coc riverwood or cow tamriel (forgot the numbers) 2 -14 or something. But I like, whatever you are creating so forget what I wrote.........
  8. there are lonely fisherman and other poor souls that could use a warm word. Like "hee, did you catch some fish" "How , about you trade some for pussy" "mind if I stay here a while by the fire" "If you give me some food than you can ask me something !!! in return" Keep creating, its better than nothing.............
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