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catwoman's hot, as we all know and id be interested in an oblivion mod that adds her outfit, preferably the arkham city one. sorry for only askin and not contributing, but im not really talented in making things virtually. oh pretty sure its not only me whod like her outfit on their chars/companions. so thats all, sorry for any grammatical mistakes but im making this post from a phone

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i dont really want a mashup of latex suits' date=' the arkham city outfit isnt just plain black latex either, its got some details on it and thats why it looks really "unique" amongst all others. id convert the model and textures if i knew how to, but thanks GSB.



*I said: You can retexture them, add a new texture with normal maps, here you go, a detail~. Did you check that link that I gave? It's not a simple latex suit, looks alot like real outfit, plus porting from fallout to oblivion could be easier. *You don't want a mashup, ow really? Let me talk with a fairy, maybe she will give me that ready to go outfit!*

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Spent last few hours trying to figure out how these files are connected to eachother and all I could figure out is that Paint.NET can open .tga files and .dds files. Oh and mtls and objs are connected. I'm willing to do the work and upload the file but please just give me a tutorial, someone.

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done it i removed her skin seperated the parts all it needs is someone to turn it to oblivion

i dont know how to convert to nif :(




there broken into diffrent parts like


1 folder for helm

1 folder for suit

1 folder for gloves

1 folder for mask- withlens

1 folder for mask-withoutlens

1 folder for boots


I may be able to do the conversion, but all the links on the page are broken...

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