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[HELP] CBBE Leg Seam


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Whenever I use the CBBE Bodyslide this is what happens to my character. I can't use the default options because the butt is too big and is clipping some animations from SexLab (or at least I think so).




I looked in the FAQ of CBBE and couldn't find anything, only things about the neck seam. Can anyone help me solve this or show me a different way to mod the size of my character for SexLab to work correctly?

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this is easy to explain how "ren54642" already said it's a texture problem.
if you are using the CBBE v3.2 you use textures only including CBBEv3! if you use a CBBE v2 or other body types, then arise them "hip strip".


CBBE v3 ======== CBBE v3 Textures

UNP\UNPB\7B ==== UNP Textures

ADEC ========== ADEC Textures


CHSBHC ======== CBBE v2 Textures

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