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Vanilla Elder Race females not using modded feet

Kendo 2

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I'm using the UNP body and I noticed in my last play through (after I killed a mage) the vanilla Elder Race females have a distinct black line on their skin were the feet join the body.  Looking closer, I saw that she was not using the UNP foot mesh.


Looking in the CK object window, it is plainly visible that the Elder Race females are not using the same file paths as the default playable female races.  For the life of me I cannot find the file path to assign the mesh.


Does anyone know the path so I can fix this?


(Note: I am banned at Nexus so I can't get mod support there.  And even if I wasn't banned I wouldn't get any answers aside from a bunch of little smart-asses thinking they're clever.  You guys are it as far as mod support goes.)

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EDIT:  Answered my own question.


There are two causes for this:

#1. The ArmorAddOn for the Elder Race naked body is not pathed to the texture set in the CK.  The game is reading whatever texture set is assigned to the mesh itself and then assigning a texture swap in the race window..  That is what was causing the black line I was seeing.

#2. The Elder Race female texture set uses the femaleBody_1 texture (just like all the other races).  The problem is UNP does not have a MSN normal for the Elder Race.  The game uses the vanilla one which is fine for the body itself but it does not match the UV map for the UNP feet mesh.


To fix all of this BS I had to extract vanilla female feet and place them in their own folder and then go into the CK and repath the Elder female naked feet Armor AddOn mesh and assign the correct texture set.  I also assigned the correct texture set to the naked body ArmorAddOn.  Everything looks okay now, aside from the old women in the game having vanilla paddle feet....but who really cares about that?


I'm going to leave this up in case anyone else wants to address this issue with UNP/vanilla Bethesda Elder race females.

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