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En Hawk has been really busy as of late, so I figured until he gets some free time, I'll upload my version of the SkyKids child replacer separately here. This is only temporary till he is free to update the main page of SkyKids. Right now, my version is lost in pages in that thread, and thought it would be nice to make it easily available to those that were interested, so they don't have to go sifting through the pages to find it.


So here it is. My version of the SkyKids Child NPC Replacer. This is a simple child replacer that uses the SkyKids assets to give the children of skyrim more of a fantasy style makeover.


-SkyKids (and all it's requirements)
-Hearthfire (if you use the Hearthfire addon)
-Dragonborn (if you use the Dragonborn addon)
-Apachii Sky Hair
-Oblivion Hair Pack


In the download section are also my male and female textures. They are alternatives to the original textures that come with SkyKids. My personal preference. Feel free to use them if you like. The male textures are designed to work on the alternate male body, not the regular one. So you will probably get weird texture issues if you try to use it without the proper body.


This mod works just fine with the new update to SkyKids, as I haven't had any issues at all with it. This was built off the old version, but since it only changes faces (except for the new textures), it shouldn't have any issues with the latest version. But if you come across any, let me know. Thanks and enjoy. :classic_smile:


Previews (using my alternative textures)





Credits & Permissions


Thanks to En_Hawk, Johann7124, and Luthienanarion (and anyone else I forgot, sorry!) for the hard work and dedication to SkyKids and incentive to make this replacer in the first place.


You have my permission to modify/host/redistribute/whatever as you see fit. Feel free to give me credit or not, I don't mind either way. Just don't upload this to a pay site. I'd appreciate it. It will always be free here, regardless of where it goes. As long as you guys enjoy it, that's all that matters.


FUTURE PROGRESS: I don't play Skyrim anymore (or SSE either), so I won't be providing anymore support for this mod. It is as is now. Feel free to do whatever you wish with it.

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    SkyKids, Apachii Hair, Oblivion Hair Pack
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Will there be a problem for ongoing game saves using this, then uninstall and use regular SkyKids when it's updated (just the NPC replacer and not the playable race)?


Can you elaborate more on armor/cloth replacer mod impact on Skykids?  I use a replacer mod to alter vanilla to fit my body.  Is this just clipping, glitch or possible CTD?


I really like to replace the vanilla potato heads but don't mind waiting for an idiot proof install of SkyKids.  Thanks

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Will there be a problem for ongoing game saves using this, then uninstall and use regular SkyKids when it's updated (just the NPC replacer and not the playable race)?


Can you elaborate more on armor/cloth replacer mod impact on Skykids?  I use a replacer mod to alter vanilla to fit my body.  Is this just clipping, glitch or possible CTD?


I really like to replace the vanilla potato heads but don't mind waiting for an idiot proof install of SkyKids.  Thanks


Well there is no script files or anything with this mod, it is just cosmetic changes. So if you ever want to switch to the original child replacer, go for it. Shouldn't cause any issues.


As for the armor issue, whenever you put adult clothes on the kids, and you have a mod that alters those adult clothes that uses an esp, the kids will wear your altered version. Like say for instance, A Little Sexy Apparel Replacer. It has it's own esp that alters the adult clothing and armor. So with the kids wearing adult clothing, they will wear that version of the adult clothing cause the esp is conflicting with SkyKids' armor swapper and overwriting the meshes that SkyKids already uses for those clothes.


The armor patcher for SkyKids is magic, and has it's own meshes for all the vanilla armor and clothes. It tells the race/kids to use those meshes whenever they equip regular gear and such. Which is great. But if you have altered vanilla armors and clothes that use an esp, your esp will take precedence over SkyKids' armor patcher and cause the kids to wear your altered versions.


At least, that is how it was explained to me. I would of put them in the original child clothing, but there is a glitch that makes the child clothing not work on SkyKids races. So until En Hawk gets some time to fix that issue, they are wearing regular adult clothes at the moment.

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One issue with this mod ATM is that several female children are wearing clothes that aren't converted yet, resulting in them looking more like miniature adults than kids. Perhaps it would be better to have them all wear clothes that are already converted? When all clothes are converted you could release a new version with more variation.

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Alright if I merge it with this? I was thinking of expanding that mod and these will go perfectly with it.


Sure thing. Feel free to do whatever you guys want with this mod. I don't mind.


I'm not currently playing Skyrim, so my modding is on hold for the time being and all that. But feel free to alter, change, or whatever to this mod. :)

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Unsure why it would crash for you unless you are having a mod conflict. Are you already using a mod that replaces the vanilla children? Or that alters them?


This requires the same things that SkyKids has. Skyrim and Dawnguard. And if you are using the Hearthfire and Dragonborn addon, it will require those as well. They are separated for that very reason. Along with the Racial Compatibility mod too. Load order is important as well (as told on the SkyKids page)


Try running it through Tes5Edit to check for any missing masters. Cause if you're crashing at startup, it's usually caused by that. And seeing as this has no requirements that are different from SkyKids (except for the hair packs), and assuming you can run SkyKids just fine, then you shouldn't be having any problems with this.

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there isn't nothing that I can see that would cause it :/




unofficial skyrim patch.esp


unofficial dawnguard.esm


unofficial hearthfire.esm

{race compatability.esm / racecompatabilityUSKPOverride.esp} tried both and combintions



{skykids - npc replacer.esp / skykids - npc replacer HF.esp} tried both and combinations

bag of holding.esp

sexy vest.esp.


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I thought about doing that, but it's kind of sloppy (in my opinion) and not fully fleshed out to how I would want it to be.


I only made this in the beginning as a temporary replacement for the original child replacer for SkyKids. Was my first shot at the CK and RaceMenu at that. So it's not as good as it could be. The faces are kind of jaggy in places and not as good as I would like them.


Plus until En_Hawk gets around to fixing the children clothes to work with SkyKids, I'd rather not introduce this to the Nexus yet. Since all the kids in this mod are wearing regular adult clothes, it has a little bug that some armor replacers (not all of them) will replace the clothes the kids are wearing as well. So if you have skimpy armor replacers, they have a chance of replacing the clothes the kids are wearing and have them running around in skimpy clothing. Which is something I don't want to deal with on the Nexus, cause I don't need that uproar. I'd rather have them in the basic children clothing before I even think about putting this on Nexus.


Eventually when I get time, I'd like to go back to this mod and completely rework it to fine tune the faces. And after En_Hawk fixes the children clothes, I'd like to put them in those clothes to prevent the above issue from happening. Or heck, if I can get the permissions and make this standalone (when I figure out how to make it standalone that is), I'd like to go all out and use modded clothing from all the different armor mods out there for kids to give them each a truly unique look. But that's a huge bit of wishful thinking there. I mostly just want to redo this with better cleaner faces and have them in children clothes for the most part.

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I got everything installed, but the armor patcher won`t run, it says "There was an exception thrown during program execution: 'java.io.FileNotFoundException:..\..\SK Child Armor Swapper.est(Access is denied)' Please contact author" and i can`t figure it out. My characters are all in their underwear/naked, and their hair dissapears if they put on a helmet. I put my skyrim folder into a different folder too, and its still not working. Any ideas? i`ve reinstall skykids a bunch, and all of the addons.

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While my mod is an addon to SkyKids, your issue has nothing to do with this mod inparticular.



You're better off asking in the actual SkyKids thread. This is just a npc child replacer. It doesn't have a SkyProc patcher or any of that. It just edits faces. En_Hawk, the creator of SkyKids will be able to better help you in the actual thread for SkyKids.

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