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Sevenbase TBBP question


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I have a question that has been bothering me for years now. Why does everyone only make armor for sevenbase bombshell??? Why is it so hard to find actual sevenbase tbbp armor/clothing?? I use TBBP so that the butt and breasts move via HDT. But it only works when completely nude because I am forced to wear bombshell clothing...

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Why not use UNPB armor on your 7B character? Should look very good and give you a wider range of armor to choose from. Even if the front look is different - if you want BBP in combat, you don't see the front of your avatar, do you?

Besides that, the TERA armors are BBP and available for 7B. I use natural edition, but I never got the impression that the look is flawed. In fact, 7B does have some of the best looking armor mods available - thanks to the gentlemen (and many more) that posted their opinion in this thread already.

Maybe try some of the amor mods that add robes to the game (like the Tribunal mod for example).

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