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  1. Why do I have this topic closed, are there any problems?

  2. Okay one of these paid modder goons is falsely reporting me and harrassing me on my Nexus Mods page for "trolling" and has been for weeks. I am truly sorry that I disagree with your precious paid mods and release my stuff for free. I am taking the rest down. Seeing how even blocking those people they seem to make new accounts to harass me more. I am 100 percent its from one of the people on here that I told to stop posting images of mods they aren't sharing since This thread isn't made to show off mods its here to share mods. You can enjoy giving all your money to patreon paid modders but don'
  3. So Private messages are against the rules too? Nice...wanna make text messages, Faxes and emails against the rules while you are at it? How about vocally talked about? Might as well delete any thread pertaining to mods in general for Resident Evil 2 since like 90 percent of them are behind paywalls. Don't you guys just love The RE2 modding scene? Cant wait for RE3 mods locked behind paywalls. I have moved on to working with the rest of the modding community for the game Control. We are having a few difficulties at the moment since its not on steam yet but at least we are working to try and
  4. LOL so a certain patreaon paid "mod author" (that shall not be named) Just got in a lawsuit for importing another companies characters into RE2 and charging money for it hahaha. Serves them right! You guys actually know who they are too. they are now releasing the specific 2 mods they stole from a certain PlayStation game for free to avoid being sued. I, as a mod author, can't be more happy about the fact that they got in trouble. Now I hope the rest of them get in trouble for thinking they can steal assets and charge money for them. I warned the specific "mod author" that it is illegal to do
  5. THank you! Do you know if there is a way to remove the stockings? If not thanks for this regardless 😃
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/residentevil22019/mods/193?tab=posts&BH=0 He gave permission to edit his mods. Anyone want to take a stab at giving Regular Ada That short dress without it having to replace claire?
  7. mangakadenizgaming is just as bad as the rest of them. I got in an argument with them before because my mods (before I took them down because of how sick I am with the current modding community) were 4k textures that I made myself I uploaded for free while mangakadenizgaming charges 10 dollars just to allow your hair to move on a mod that they purposely took the physics out of so that they could charge you money to put them back in. In short, mangakadenizgaming removed the physics from hair so that they can charge you money to put the physics back in....That is fucking shady as hell. DON'T GIV
  8. I seriously can't believe anyone that buys paid mods...You get all pissy when someone torrents a game but then give money to low effort "modders" that illegally downloaded games. in all my years of modding I have never come across a modding community as bad as the RE2 modding community. I have seen some sites that have these paid mod "authors" stuff up for free download and I truly don't even care to report those sites anymore. They deserve it for thinking its okay to copyright capcoms characters so that they can make money off of them for doing something as simple as changing a shirt color...
  9. Is there a way to change the hair to the normal hair? I love these mods but hate the hair
  10. I just took all my skyrim/oblivion mods off the nexus because I am sick of this community. I saw someone selling a mod that gave ada sherrys hair for 10 freaking dollars. I am extremely disappointed with the modding community. So many idiots ruining the modding community with these paid BS mods. There are people that grab a character model, slide the butt out a bit (which takes less than 20 seconds to do) and then posts it for 20 bucks. I have been making hardcore freak'n skyrim/oblivion mods for years that take 100 percent more effort than these people that charge a ton of cash for simple th
  11. are there any mods that make the skin always look wet? I want claires skin to always look wet like it does when walking out in the rain. The only modding I have ever done is for skyrim I have no idea how to use the RE engine so hopefully someone can make a mod for claire to have wet skin
  12. I hope control wins game of the year tonight
  13. rememeber everyone...its okay for these chinese modders to illegally torrent games...but it's not okay to download their mods because....reasons....hypocritical reasons...but still reasons hahaa
  14. as a mod creator myself, I couldnt give a Cr** about these hypocritical chinese moders that actually Illegally torrent games. Its okay for them to illegally download games but they get their panties in a twist if someone downloads their mods...I will never EVER make any of my mods behind a paywall. If people WANT to do donate I will let them but even if they don't donate I still will continue to make my mods public. This paid mod nonsense is ruining the modding community. Now you have AAA companies trying to pull the paid mod nonsense like Bethesda with their creation club that they keep pushi
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