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Everything that can go wrong with Werewolf sex (and our solutions for it)


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I suggest we post our specific Werewolf problems here. Add a picture if possible, and please state

- NMM, MO or manual download, BOSS or LOOT

- Did you run FNIS?

- the relevant mods you use

- their load order

- your MCM settings

- the situation in which the problem appeared

- your solution


One post for each problem so we can keep things in order. I'll be updating this post as we post our solutions.


No penis in non-aroused state

No schlong in non-aroused state

No penis in aroused state

No schlong in aroused state

Two penis meshes in non-aroused state

One schlong and one CreaturePack penis in aroused state

Bent schlong


Werewolf (player) doesn't animate

Werewolf (player) animates but NPC doesn't

Werewolf (NPC) animates but player doesn't


Werwolf NPC gets invisible when sex starts


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1. Bent schlong


NMM, MO, manual, BOSS/LOOT:




FNIS: yes


WW relevant mods:


FNIS + FNIS Creature Pack


SexLab Aroused

Schlongs of Skyrim.esm (with all three schlong addons)

SexLab Werewolves

Tales of Lycantropy

SexLab Nude Creatures DG

Schlongs of Skyrim.esp






When does the problem appear?


Only during the first stage of missionary sex, the other animations are okay.




none yet


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  • 6 months later...

Outdated...but the only problem I have is that sometimes when my char (male) has sex with a female werewolf follower...the roles reverse for some reason. I'm guessing that certain animations aren't tagged for female usage so the female winds up doing male moves...on a male!

Needless to say, I'd like to find a way to fix it.


My Char as a werewolf never has a problem with animations when having sex with female npcs.

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