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Prison Cell for Modders?


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Hi guys, I started working in the CK recently to create some new cells that (hopefully) some of the excellent modders here might like to use (Prison overhaul, Defeat etc).


While only 20% complete I've got the layout and design of a pretty basic Prison with a few holding cells, then further on a cellblock with 1x2 size rooms and 2x2 size rooms upstairs. (I'll add more if things take off, and as I learn more)

At the moment I'm struggling along with lighting (4 shadow casters?... really?), the rooms are incomplete and there's glitchy walls and ceilings in places too, I'm fixing things one by one before I add more but it's been fun building in the CK.


Anyway, for anyone interested please check it out, the only req is Skyrim.esm so you won't need fancy mods for it. Let me know what you think? I'm hoping it could be made to work with the bandit (or any!) faction and use a system similar to PO's so once captured (submit, defeat, etc) you would be teleported there it may be some time before you are released while the bandits have fun with you.


I'm not sure where you'll spawn in, but the first room has a table and some other furniture, with a waiting area, second area leads 2 directions, one for "holding cells" and another for the cell block proper, there's also a 3rd room which will end up being a guards quarters.

In the middle of the cellblock I have a caged section, which I'd considered for "public punishment" in front of other prisoners. If it looks like crap I'll remove it and come up with something better.
*edit* for those not in the know, to get there press tilde (`) and type in coc aaamod1 - It's not linked to the world.





Youtube preview above - Nav mesh on the way.


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Try posting your work here:



Or upload it:



Tag it as a modder's resource.

Cheers, atm I've posted here as an opinion topic, I'll create a new one soon once I've worked in CK more and feel comfortable, I've used Carrara (Daz Studio) before, played with the Duke3d and Quake level editors but building in the CK is very quirky, I'm starting to like how the kits work but the lighting limitations are very new to me.

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The cell structure Is actually quite good , coc'ed in there . Kinda reminds of second life jails , with the sheer amount of cells and bars and the Starting room . Will wait for the final release. Keep up the good work.



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Ok I redid the lighting, no shadow casters yet, I'll save that for when I decide on a player position in the prison cells, there's a quick teleport now from breezehome, the trapdoor is up to the right of the exit door while in breezehome, that way it shouldn't conflict with any other mods (I hope).
I think I've gotten all of the glitchy walls fixed, if anyone notices any let me know, all the prison cells have a bed and a bucket, I'm pretty sure I haven't missed any torch locations either, I haven't figured out how to have the lights turn off if the torches are taken yet.



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