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I need to use to different body replacers

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I need to use a ADEC body replacer for one toon, and UNPB tbbp bbp ect for the rest of the toons without mod organizer.  Mod organizer for some reason totally screws with my mouse.  I can only mouse click on one thing in mod organizer, then I have to restart it.  so i am stuck with nexus mod manager.


I am guessing I will need to install skyrim again in a different directory?

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Im not sure to understand ...

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/47791/? maybe it is what you are looking for

It is for sure a way to see what a lot of bodies look like without installing their mods, ie messing up the mods I finally got working. I am using unpb, an large boobs on unpb look like torpedoes. That mod like me change one of my tunes to 8 or more different body types on my one toon, to see what the different ones looked like. Adec turns out to have the best larger hips and breasts, without torpedoes. Most my toons are unpb, with reasonable to small boobs, and I like that best, but I wanted one manga like toon, that fits a cursed inti huge Futa idea I had, or blessed into a huge Futa lol.


Thank you for the help.

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