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Join the Legion Bug

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Maybe this bug is caused by some mod, but I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT is it!
What happens is that when you talk with some Imperial Soldier and goes to Solitude, the white arrow quest isn't in Legate Rikke, but over the table that have the Syrim Map, in the center of main hall of Solitude Castle, where Rikke is. So the quest doesn't start talking to her. I thought the bug was caused by Live Another Life Mod, but it isn't.

Does anybody already have this bug? Do you know how to solve it?

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Been a LONG time since I played the Imperial side of the CW.  I vaguely recall having a similar issue, and had to talk to Tellius first, who sent me to the Legate.

Yes, could be this. But there is another problem: Tullius just disappear!! I use the moveto player command to bring Tullius and the only thing that moves is the white arrow marker of the quest.

Where went Tullius??????? What mod could cause this?

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No idea.  Even if I had your complete load list, I'd be guessing.  My suggestion would be to use process of elimination diagnostics;  Go one mod at a time, disabling it and starting up the game and seeing if the problem corrects itself.  The primary suspects for me would be anything that modifies either Solitude or the Civil War.


Keep in mind that even if you find the mod causing this issue, it most likely is NOT the mod itself, it's a conflict between that mod and something else.  Adjusting the problem mod's position in the load order MAY fix the problem.

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I used to have that problem. You will have to start chopping off mods. If that doesn't work, try cleaning g your Windows registry.


It is definitely a combination on mods screwing your game. You will also have to start over.


To avoid these problems in the future, I recommend learning how to build mods to learn what you can and can't do with combinations of different mods.

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Winchester, was Tullius ALWAYS missing from your game, or did he disappear during gameplay?


There is a bug that I believe is attached to AS: Live Another Life which prevents both General Tullius and Ulfric from appearing in the game. I've had it happen myself and had to use console commands to get them to appear. It was weird because the bug made Rikke act out Tullius's lines as well as her own in the castle.


To get Tullius to appear open the console then type:


prid 000198BA

moveto player


Close the console and he should appear.


If you find Ulfric is also missing later on type:


prid 0001B131

moveto player



I would suggest trying this before driving yourself crazy uninstalling and reinstalling mods, especially if you don't use MO. Also you should check on Ulfric first if you're going to join the Legion. Hope this helps.

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