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SexLab Defeat don't work with Seekers

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I can't trigger combat rape with Seekers. I can use Matchmaker spells to trigger sex with them but I can't initiate combat rape.


I found an old post telling the same issue.




His character falls to ground when attacked, but mine doesn't.


Can someone confirm if Defeat now works with Seekers? Thanks.


EDIT: Also found it doesn't work with Ash Spawn when installed this mod: More Nasty Creatures - http://www.loverslab.com/topic/32456-wip-morenastycritters/

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Had a similar issue with Random Sex. The problem is that the seekers do not have the ActorTypeAnimal or ActorTypeCreature keywords associated with them, these are used by a lot of the mods to filter out non-qualifying actors. I had to add ActorTypeDaedra to the keyword list to get them to work.

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