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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right section to ask this. If not please let me know. I have downloaded COCO PINUP Cheongsam - CBBE-UNP and converted to my custom body shape (I have HDT-PE) in Outfit Studio. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/105446 As you can see, the skirt part stretches horribly when I sneak. Is there any way I can reduce this effect or get rid of this glitch completely? Thank you.
  2. Hi, the link and dead and I can't find a good download on the internet. Does anyone know where I can still get this dress?
  3. I did made a new creature, but it still leaves the blue puddle. But a similar creature Boneman who leaves a black puddle when killed doesn't leave anything when summoned. I checked the summonable boneman in Creation Kit but can't figure out why it leaves nothing while my new Ice Wraith creature still leaves the blue puddle. Maybe I forgot to change some settings? EDIT: I got it now. For some reason if you set the ability to be a Shout, Power, or Lessor Power, some summoned creatures will leave puddles when killed, like the Spectral Assassin.
  4. Hi, I have made a Shout that basically allows you to summon Ice Wraiths. But the problem is that unlike normal summoned creatures which leave nothing when they die, the summoned Ice Wraiths still leave blue puddles when they are killed. How do I stop that?
  5. Thank you for your mod. I tried it but for some reason my character looks like necromorphs from Dead Space. How do I get this to work like the example you showed?
  6. I'm looking for a mod that, every time you enter a tavern (whether it's added by mod or not) a brawler will spawn in the tavern which you can bet money to challenge the brawler into a brawl. Would be even better if you can decide how much money you want to bet, and you can challenge the same brawler as many times as you like. Does anyone know any mod like that?
  7. I have got a problem with Ash Hoppers. They somehow become very small, about 25% of the size. And when they die they just stand still while I can't loot or move their corpses. I found out the problem is the skeleton.nif file. When I change it to the original one that I extracted from Dragonborn.bsa the problems are gone, except now when playing sex animations the Ash Hopper penis will stretch to the ground instead of going onto the pussy. I tried uninstall MNC, delete all Ash Hopper files in mesh folder, then install MNC, but it ends up Ash Hoppers not playing sex animations at all. Can someone help me please? Thank you. EDIT: I just found an older version of the file somewhere in my computer. Once I replace with it things work fine now. If anyone else has this problem please contact me and I can give you the file.
  8. I have a mod idea but I'm no good at coding. So I just want to describe my idea and perhaps someone can tell me where I can get help, or, if I hire someone how much approximately this would cost. This would be similar to prostitution mod and Horrible Harassment mod in some aspects. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, in MCM you can set [Beauty] and [Sexiness] values through 2 sliders (1 to 100). Where you walk around, males within 5 meter may turn and look at you with a horny grin (chance based on Beauty value) and they may also do sexy whistles (chance based on Sexiness value). When you go to taverns, you can talk to the owner to start working as tavern wench, in which once the dialogue ends your character will be holding a plate with mugs on it. All males in tavern will have a chance every minute or two to ask you to serve by whistle and wave to you (chance and frequency are based on your [Beauty] and [Sexiness] values, and is configurable in MCM). If you are within 1 meter near someone the chance will be increased for that person. You serve them by simply talk, in which 2 dialogue options will appear: [*Serve the drink normally.] and [*Serve the drink seductively.]. If you serve seductively there's more chance to get tips but also more chance for sexual harassment to occur. If you serve normally there's still chance for tips and harassment but much less. When sexual harassment happens the dialogue ends and a sex scene is triggered, except the characters have their cloths on and the animations are chosen from a list of animations that has "harassment" in their tags. Once the harassment ends 2 things can happen: the male will give you extra tip and you go back to serving, or the male will initiate a dialogue to ask for sex which you can refuse (no tip) or accept (big tip). When you're done serving, talk to the owner and you'll get a small amount of gold. The dialogue option to do tavern wench job will disappear for 24 in-game hours (configurable in MCM). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you.
  9. Hi there, for some reason my "Lover's Desire" spell went missing from the Active Effects menu. I checked with console command and I indeed don't have the spell with me. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks.
  10. Sorry I do not use SL Triggers. I only use Sexlab Utility at the moment.
  11. You mean the SexLab Utility script? [Main] Name=ExhaustedBackRape Page=1 Type=cmd Id=316 Cmd=sae:DefeatEstrusExhaustedFront+wait:6+sae:DefeatTraumaExit CmdEnd=sae:DefeatZaZCoverSelfF [Main] Name=ExhaustedBackRape Page=1 Type=cmd Id=316 Cmd=sae:DefeatEstrusExhaustedFront+wait:6+sae:DefeatTraumaExit CmdEnd=sae:DefeatZaZCoverSelfF You can find the Defeat animations in the SexLab Defeat files.
  12. Hi I have found a possible bug / problem: When I surrender my follower would also surrender, however any creature summoned by my character or my follower would not surrender and instead continue to fight. Is it possible for you to look into this issue please? Thank you.
  13. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will look into it now.
  14. I would like to have my character to roleplay as a very attractive woman living in a place with a lot of rude, aggressive men. Is there a mod that makes male NPCs stare at women's boobs and butt with a horny grin, maybe even checking out women's body every now and then? Thanks.
  15. Hi, is it possible to add a feature that, if you walk around as a sexy hot lady, men will turn heads to look at your boobs and ass with a horny grin?
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