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CTD When Taking Off Clothes


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It's gotta be a conflict in the mods for female bodies. This is what I have loaded in my plugins ...



  • ApachiiHair
  • Update
  • SexLab
  • SexLabAroused
  • ZaZAnimationPack
  • RaceCompatibility
  • HentaiPregnancy
  • SGHairPackBase
  • HighResTexturePack1-3
  • Basvanebeu MuscleTextureChanger with Navetsea set
  • The Eyes of Beauty - Elves Edition
  • TheyEyesOfEbeauty
  • dD - Realistic Ragdoll Force - Realistic
  • SexLabDefeat
  • Brawl Bugs CE
  • SkyUI
  • SexLab TDF Aggressive Prostituion
  • FNISSexyMove
  • SexLab Sound FX Replacer
  • SexLab PayCrime
  • CharacterMakingExtender
  • EnhancedCharacterEdit
  • Drink Eat Sleep
  • SexLabDangerousNights
  • Place2Sleep 
  • Chesko_Frostfall
  • SexLab Cumshot
  • SGHairPackAIO
  • SIM - NPC Additions
  • SIM - Treasure Anywhere
  • MF_RadiantProstitution
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That's a pretty random listing of mods.  Hope that's not the actual load order.  Update is supposed to come before the others if nothing else. :)


Anyway, the last two posts are most likely right. 


That said, I do personally have the best luck in terms of stability if I put any character creation type mods (ie The Eyes of Beauty, to use an example form your list), above most of the game mods.  Random lists like that from BOSS & Wrye Bash that went against mod author load advice is why I stopped using them.  When I did I went up to 230 mods with great stability too, lol.

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That is almost always caused by a skeleton issue. You probably added something lately that overwrite part of your skeleton files. The easy fix is to install the skeleton again and let it overwrite everything it wants to. Or, if you're using Mod Organizer, just drag it and drop it at the bottom of the list in the left pane.

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