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Black textures...on timer?

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I have a problem with black textures. I never had this before and it is really strange. I have a rather high end pc,

8 gb ram, 2x r290x AMD gpu, I7 processor.

I had almost the similar setup before, I just changed the ENB from realvision to grim and somber and replaced ELFX with relight Skyrim and ELE. I started to use bashed patch and skyre and asis reproccers.


Now I don't have any problems when I am at interiors, but when I go outside the game us running smoothly then start stuttering after 5 minutes, first textures start to go black (trees) then roads then water then even my character will have a strange radiating skin...


Trees are in the air.(my ugrid settings hasn't been changed.(.it is at 5.)


I am using hd textures mostly 1-2 k, for ladscape and cities just the lite version.

I always had these textures, and I never had any problem.I did my research, they say vram can cause it, but I had the same setup with hi res textures without any problem in the past.


Anybody has any idea what can cause it, and how can I solve it?


If I reaload the game everything is fine. For another 5-10 minutes then it is starting again...

I am using the latest enb files and climates of tamriel for weather with the weather patch also grim and somber data files.


What it can be? Mod conflict? The Enb?

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