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[REQ] Chaurus Player Skin


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I've been itching for a long time now to play a Kerrigan-esque chaurus queen, but there doesn't seem to be anything coming close to making that come true aside from the bulky falmer armors. All the unusual skins seem to be for varying degrees of the beast races or some elvish spin-off.


I don't have the means or the talent to paint my own skin, so I'm taking this shot in the dark.



Maybe just organic plates organized around the extremities with orc-like skin between in the same vein of the Ohmes-rhat mods with fur and skin?


You don't even gotta bother with the eyes. Mountains of weird eyes out there that could fit the bill.


Anyway, I appreciate any input or info about a similar mod.


E: whelp, I posted this from the non-adult downloads forum and didn't look in just the straight non-adult page, totally missing the thread that is pretty much all about requests. So embaressed. Go ahead and delete the thread if this goes against some rules.

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I was able to create a texture that has a reptile like effect by grabbing the texture http://bgfons.com/upload/reptiles_texture829.jpg online and modifying it. I first scaled it down (to 1026 x 1026) and cloned to refill the original 4096 x 4096 to make the scales smaller. Then I changed the hue to purple, partially desaturated it, increased the lightness, and used color to alpha on white to make a mostly transparent overlay. Then I simply placed that over my original skin texture. Alternately you can just change the hue to purple, save it as a pattern, and overlay the patten over your original texture.

Or more effectively create a new layer and paste the texture in that layer. Adjust the layer opacity till you are satisfied and merge down.


I used gimp with a dds plugin to do the tinkering.


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