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[REQ] Precachekiller for Blacksmith forge

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I've been hunting around for a solid week, looking for a solution for the blacksmith menu stuttering violently and making a constant noise like I'm rapidly selecting items. I know this is caused by having too many high-poly items showing up in the blacksmith menu, and I've tried cutting down on how many mods I'm running that add things to the menu, dropping Ars Metallica, Bobs Armory, Heavyarmory, and Skyrim Immersive Weapons, but the menu still lags extremely hard. Typically my framerate will shoot from a constant solid 40+ to low single digit numbers, the FPS drop is the same with ENB off. As precachekiller for Racemenu solves a problem almost exactly like this, I was wondering if what said mod does could be used for the Smithing menu. I know nothing of scripting, or what precachekiller is actually doing, but I imagine it's keeping hairs from loading until you actually select them. Could a mod be developed that loads items in a specific category of the smithing menu, or even single items, when selected? I imagine such a mod couldn't be too difficult to make (But, what do I know?) and I'm sure this troublesome problem has been bothering quite a few people. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Download Complete crafting overhaul remade to customize the crafting menu of the forge. It helps to reduce the clutter. Also you should optimize the textures of your data folder with Optimizer textures.

You are a saint. I didn't know this even existed.

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True. Some armors tend to use resource-heavy textures that it's worth running Ordenador on some of them (and it also backs up the originals). Bad news if some of them are packed into BSAs unless you have MO to extract them.

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I couldn't get the "Ordenador" texture optimizer to work, so I used this one instead when I optimized my textures earlier today:  http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13529/?


It seemed to get the job done fairly well, and of the mods I used it on (mainly Skyrim HD and a few of my armor/weapon mashup mods) it reduced the overall space they took up (and subsequently the amount of vram they take up when loaded) on my hard drive by around 2GB in total or more. This one can optimize BSAs as well. I used it on Immersive Armors, for example, without issue, and reduced its size by 400-500MB.

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