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Is there any Rape Mod before death like Sexlab Defeat for Skyrim?


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Is there any Mod that will allow NPCS or Monster to rape you before you death ?


I see this in Skyrim Sexlab Defeat, there is an Chance that when i got nearly killed that i and my Follower use as a Toy ..


Most of the mods here for Oblivion do the Slave part .. but only with a Spell ... or have a crytic description :)


Is there any Mod out, that will the Lifes on Oblivion a little bit harder ?

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True that. I think PlayerSlaveEncounters also takes advantage of LoversRapers by giving bandits a club that drains stamina, making it even more difficult to win a fight and not get raped. Fighting for too long without stamina can also get you raped by any enemy. Most of the time I steer clear of road intersections and choke points because, with PSE, getting raped also has a chance to get enslaved.


Goubo's SexLab Defeat does have the same rape chance but Skyrim removed physical attacks that cost stamina. You won't get raped due to low stamina unless you are constantly sprinting and power attacking. There might a mod in Nexus that changes that, which would work well with Defeat since you have a better chance to shove off an attacker with higher health remaining.

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Next version of RaperS will have a setting to prevent killing blows if the attacker is interested in raping.  Already have it working locally.  Release is waiting for LC 2.5 to be hammered out first, though.


Should be ready within a month.

Oh, then can I request something if this isn't too much hassle?

I want to have attribute damages selectable. The only reason is that some fatigue mod(s) conflict with its strength damage, yet I want some permanant damage to attributes anyway. If you lose too much strength then you get knocked to the ground with such mods, and the next lpk job will not begin if any, and from there things could go south.

Endurance is directly related to PC's health so it might not be simple.. but I *guess it's possible for other stats.

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The attribute damage system could use an overhaul.


What exactly were you looking for, selectable checkboxes for which attributes to damage and a settable x-y damage amount?

That's very good to hear, thank you.

I don't think I have any problem with the amount of damage.

hmmm.. I'm not sure. I'm not certain if the total(maximum) fatigue could affect knocking down thing in that mod. If so I'm pretty much doomed because all four fatigue attribs could cause problem (although strength still has the strongest effect). Or, some levelling overhaul mods such as Oblivion XP has its own configurable fatigue calculation feature - kind of retroactive-fatigue, that is. In that case all 8 attribs potentially affect the maximum fatigue.

Well, I've been using my own modified plugin so that it won't damage strength, but I haven't had any problem so far. Maybe this maximum fatigue issue I mentioned above is ignorable, maybe.


I'll have to inspect that realistic fatigue mod. After that I'll post it in your release thread.

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