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The Elyos Project X


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Hello my name is Nqz and I'm starting a large by large i mean an adult DLC with rape, strong words and a war with the Elyo and her race who you will see soon!. You might wonder what is ''The Elyos Project X'' Well i'll tell you.
The Elyos Project was started in a strange new island that had appear close to skyrim, A large jungle with new creatures and races. Now before you ask ''Well wheres the pictures of the new island and the race'' I'm only one man person making this mod and i'm trying to work on this with my spare time. The only thing i'm working on is The Elyos Race, after that is done it's going to be the new creatures not the ~Slap wolf with new mesh~ I'm going to take my time on every creature in this new project. this might be a slow working project so please don't think i'll get it done like superman.

Q:What type of body texture you will use on the Elyos Race?
A:CBBE don't know about UNPB but we will see.

Q:Will this be a female only quest mod?
A:No it can be male and female mod

Q:When will this mod be out?
A: Depends if i got enough free time to work on this

Q:Will there be sex in this mod

Q: Will this be able to work with___
A: We will find out if it does.

Q:Why can't you just slap a mesh on wolf or any type of creature?
A: Because i'm treating this adult quest like a baby. I want people to see new creatures not the same thing

Q: WIll there be any voice acting?
A:Yes but it depends, how many people would want to help me.

Q: Will there be any new armor?
A: Thats a major maybe.

Q: Do you need any help on anything?
A: Yes but before i ask anyone willing to help i'm going have to make the races and island and creatures first.

Q: By DLC wise how large is this mod?
A: I can't really answer but it only depends but my answer to this would be 1GB large or more.

Anyway starting the weekend i'll be working on this project if you got any questions please ask me and if i got this topic on the wrong place let me know because i rarely post any topics! Have a nice lovely day everyone!

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Good news and bad news people.

Good news is i'm buying a newer desktop to handle all the hassle for this mod.
Bad news is due to the laptop of mine it can't handle anymore so most likely i'm putting the mod on hold till next weekend, till then my good friend will do some art on what the island and creatures would be.

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Alright, slight cold, but that won't really stop me really. Feels like i'm forgetting somthing.But yeah the Elyos race is getting done very slow. Posting screenshots when i'm half way done

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After Weeks of this "new" Desktop, that screw me over big time theses past weeks, I'm going have to start over again, but thank god i got use to the creation kit. So please do wait for me while i re-gather everything, might be few hours till i'm really sure this Desktop won't screw me over again. Got to hate trojan ~Mumbles and cries~

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After a very long time and issues of real life. Broken PC's and junk. I'll sadly have to quit the works for Elyos Project X. Never was able to have the time for it so i'm sorry for the people who had high hopes for a Adult Size DLC mod. Anyhow, hope everyone has a good time and maybe sometime near i'll be able to get back to my normal roots and sit down at the table with the buds and talk about the plans for Elyos. But for now this is place in as a hold up. I know i said "quit" don't know why. But i'll soon enough and hope so have time to sit down with the buds. Anyhow people enjoy your time.

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Sorry to hear that, but RL always comes first. Maybe, if you feel it would be worth the try, you can put some specs or pictures and try to find someone who takes over? I mean, if somebody continues your work, you might feel better off (compared to letting it slumber somewhere in the dark *sob*).


Just kidding, of course. And just my 2 cents. Thanks for letting the community know :)

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Guest Aproxymouse

i'm really glad someone (that is you) is willing to give your spare time to work on a big project for us to play and enjoy.

you have all my gratitude.


i really wish i could help :( but sadly i can't

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