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I had something... long ago I was messing with some meshes

BUT it was from the next outfit... not that one

I got lazy about the textures so it got abandoned... lazy me


I'm not even sure If I still have it... meshes were easy to make

Textures... not my thing


It was HGEC M lower E cup upper

Screw H cups. I hate them

Deal with it

I'll see what I can do. I wanted the outfit for moi. In case anyone is still interested this could take some time... busy and all 

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... ;°)   @ Elalquimista  ... et pour moi aussi...


..." In case anyone is still interested this could take some time ..."  yes , i'm interested too . The only "problem" i see is the "lasso" ... the other parts of this outfit already exist somewhere from different mods ... now we just need to find wich parts are "open source"  ...



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