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Mixed Dew

Darkening Demise

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Original+Live Wire+Code Red+Voltage+Baja Blast+Whiteout=one weird, not that bad, drink.

Green+Orange+Red+Blue+Light Green+White=Orangish Pink?


So I was told to look up this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjDKtvUPrZA


That was yesterday, earlier today an urge just to see what it would be like to mix a bunch of Dews together got the best of me. You should try it out, not bad, not bad. Can't get an exact flavor and the color is an orange, but looks a bit pinkish? I don't know. Was just bored and decided to do what you're told not to do; don't do this stuff at home. Yeah didn't follow that one.


Maybe next time I'll try some MD on bacon, you can never go wrong with that heart killer of a product. Just like drinking a can of another step closer to diabetes. (Mountain Dew)



You ever mixed things together to find out what it would be like?

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No, but I demand that Mt. Dew bring back Supernova. I would start a riot in the streets if I thought it would get me my Supernova back.


Actually now that I think about it, I and probably every other kid on earth, would put every soda available in one cup at McDonalds or another fast food place :P

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