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Tryouts Says Ssr Required?

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The recent Tryouts plugin I downloaded [ SexoutTryouts - 20140316.fomod ] is stating I need SSR as a required resource when I install and activate it.

Everything I've read so far has said that SSR is 'dead'. What gives?  [ I'm using SCR. ]


Does Tryouts need SSR? or SCR?

Does it work with SCR if it needs SSR?

If so, where's SSR for download?

Where does SSR go in the load order?


Or is it a typo? Maybe the fomod readme hasn't been updated?


I want to use Tryouts and I'm somewhat confuzzled here.





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Just downloaded Tryouts [ SexoutTryout - 20140316.fomod ] from the OP. Can't find it elsewhere.


Have not fully activated 'old' recent install [ downloaded < 2 weeks ago of same name above ], cancelled when I saw the SSR flag.


Deleted  'old' fomod install from my FOMM 14.10.2 [ btw, Nice! THX 'prideslayer ].


Installed 'new' downloaded fomod [ an hour ago ] to FOMM, and the version listed in the package manager function says;


"SexoutTryout  15Oct2013  Loogie, zippy57,prideslayer"


Activated mod, and on the opening Options Form for the Legion requirement it states;


"Be sure to to do Sexout.esm --> SexoutSharedResources.esm --> SexoutSlavery.esm --> SexoutLegion.esm, as the first three have things that SexoutLegion.esm requires to work."


So, same concerns as before.


Is it an old 'readme' or info that's not applicable anymore? Proceed as usual?


I'm not currently using Tryouts, been re-installing after nerfing my game files and figuring out what I screwed up.


A touch more clarity please.



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I think you need to start over from scratch, because you seem to be down a rabbit hole that isn't leading anywhere good.


1. Download and install SexoutNG (Core and Data) from the official page (sexout download area).

2. Download and isntall tryouts from the official download page (sexout download area).

3. Download and install ZAZ from the official download page (sexout download area).

4. Download and install NVSE and NX as well.


That's it.


If you're monkeying around with things and getting SSR related junk, or missing files like Slavery that are included in the official download, you're doing something very wrong.

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Ooops...It's just a question, I'm not actually having any kind of a problem here. Sorry if I was not clear peoples.


Everything is as it should be for my installs, honest, checked my versions and updated/replaced everything less than 2 weeks ago, all from the official Sexout download area, then cross-checked again.


[ Wish I could say otherwise, but I'm not a virgin anymore, re-installs are becoming a bit mnemonic. ]


Re-read and followed 'BruceWayne's and Chancellor Kremlins guides for basic/advanced installs...triple-checked...


Can't forget 'ritualclarity's excellent "SCR Resources Folder" creation, that's done...double-double-checked...


I know Slavery is a part of the SexoutNG core now,so that's all good.


Currently running with a stable game, perhaps 16 hours of play, about 110 mods [ gotta learn plugin merging ], of which 30 are Sexout related, included requirements.

I've used Tryouts recently a couple of months ago, and had no problems that I noticed at that time.

Everything looked the same then as it does now.


[ My recently solved problem is not Tryout related. Had issues with "Quick Clothes", "Sexout Sex Assault", and some BnB clothing adds that were for "Body by Race", not T3/T6...my bad. They don't play together very well for armor/clothes 'swapping' ]


Only thing right now is I have to install the 'Tryouts Data Repack' because I'm missing some meshes/textures for faction gear. Didn't install it into my "SCR Resources Data Compilation" because I was going to put in Tryouts. Won't need to if I can install Tryouts.


I'm just saying I SEE an SSR requirement note when I go to install Tryouts.


I'm hoping it's just old news from an out of date description.


Can anybody else verify what I'm seeing? Asking a lot here but, you know, download, FOMM, activate [ or deactivate/reactivate your known version ] and see what it says?

If your running no problems with Tryouts and you've got the same info showing, off we go...









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