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Lovergirl Race Dawnguard Cbbe Bbp Retexture + Hdt Breast Physic And Collision


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Lovergirl Race Dawnguard v1.0.5 by BSnake ( Original file )
Last Edit Lovergirl Race CBBE BBP Retexture by amdchipset ( loverslab )
Support HDT Breast Physic and Collision
Requirements: Dawnguard
*Do not activate EnhancedCharacterEdit.esp at the same time as this mod. Bad things may happen to your save file.*
1) Extract this archive's contents to your Data folder and enable RaceCompatibility.esm and Lovergirl Race.esp in your mod manager.
2) Start a new game and choose Lovergirl as your race. This mod is standalone except for hair, which depends on your installed ones.
3) If you can't change hair sliders during character creation, click Done and enter a name. Wait a bit for your quests/mods to load up, and then type showracemenu in console. Hair sliders should work now.
To change the included CBBEv3 body meshes/textures, BBLee III face textures, eye textures, brow textures, complexion textures, scar textures, warpaints, and skeleton:
1) Replace the files in meshes\BSnake\Lovergirl Race or textures\BSnake\Lovergirl Race.
2) Make sure your files overwrite these using the same names, else they won't apply to the race.
3) Do not change femalehead.nif, eyesfemale.nif, or the files in meshes\BSnake\Lovergirl Race\faceparts.

Hair i use SG hair 268 edition
Thanks to
Lovergirl Race Dawnguard v1.0.5 - BSnake ( loverslab )
HDT Breast Physic and Collision - clp2011 ( loverslab )
Enhanced Character Edit - RAN46, tktk
Pretty Face for CBBE BBP v2.0 - A&K Team
BBLee III v1.0 - ziyubingqing
The Eyes of Beauty - LogRaam
Gizmodians Scars - Gizmodian, Xenius
Female Face Tattoo Warpaint - TairenSoul
CBBE v3 - caliente
XP32 Maximum Skeleton [X.93ar50] - XP32
The skeleton of female models (Perfect Proportion) - Ning
No Vampire Sunken Face for ECE - azarathkhan
Racial Compatibility for Dawnguard - TMPhoenix

Download :
Lovergirl Race Dawnguard CBBE BBP Retexture + Hdt Breast Physic And Collision
Lovergirl Race Dawnguard CBEE BBP Retexture + Hdt Breast Physic And Collision.rar
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