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Player Character Into Follower. Almost There, Please Help.


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Okay, I am working on making my Player character a follower. I've got her in the CK (000Verra), I've matched skintones, but I'm stuck at this step. Adding mods to make her look like she does when I play her.


I have taken all the mods I use and found the individual files I would need. I'm not sure if I needed to do that. I need some help with the next step, how do I add them to give her the right look?


Here are the files: using these files.7z


Here is the NPC: Verra NPC.7z   (she's just an npc until I get the look right. She is in the Bannered Mare)


Here is a shot of how she is supposed to look:  post-94042-0-65207300-1399868309_thumb.jpg


What is my next step?

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