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Fallout 3 Not Working For Windows 8

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So this is something thats been going on for awhile!!


I got fallout 3, (Non steam) Windows live, bs thing.



Uhh  But it wont Run when i run it in FOMM/NMM/or in itself.


It says "F3 launcher h as stopped working"


I am running a quad core processor.


I did the fallout.inf change.  didnt work.


tried this



No work.  Tried to turn on the FOMM installing tweak things. didnt work.


:( Not working no matter w hat fix i use.



EDIT: i run in admin to. i also tried changing compability mode (to all of them and treid each one) none of them worked.

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I have Fallout 3 working in Windows 8.1 x64, I tried many various fixes aswell none of them working.


(Non steam) Windows live, bs thing.


It is the reason why my Fallout 3 kept crashing at launch.


Games for Windows LIVE Disabler: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/1086/?


Hopefully that works for you like it did for me.


tried it. comes up gives me a error that fallout 3 was never ran, do so before i use it. I try to run fallout 3, crashs. after that i treid using the GFWL and it said fallout 3 was never ran.  XD


but thanks

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Ok just got my new Steam version FO 3 GOTY going on Windows 8.1, you have to put a copy of Fallout.ini into the same folder as your FalloutPrefs.ini file then GFWL disabler should work ok. I didn't need to install Windows Live as some links say. I think you also need to modify that line about Hardware threading and add the extra line mentioned.

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