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Mod Organiser For Dummies


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That may be the case but it is an active thread. If you post your individual questions there and ask for very basic instructions there are individuals there that can help. I was like you and had difficulties and still sometimes do things the wrong or ineffective ways with MO. I go there regularly and am improving all the time. That thread has many individuals that are very passionate on MO. You will get the help you need. However you will just have to start to jump in and take a few weeks of playing around with MO to really start to understand the process (fully) a day or so should get most of your mods up and running for Skyrim.


Now there is also some links in my sig that takes you right to where you should be right now. The Steps project for MO. Tabs with various bits of info that you really should read a few times to get use to the way MO works. MO doesn't work like other managers and it takes some time especially if you are use to the old ways of doing things.

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lol. that is the one i am having trouble with. the descriptions dont seem to match my version of MO.

they are hard (for me) to understand and seem to expect that i have some prior knowledge

You've been using NMM? Have you ever added a mod to NMM from an archive? If so, then you can use MO right now. It's no more difficult than that. It just looks different and requires executables (like FNIS and SKSE) to be added to it and launched from it. The rest is quite easy to get the hang of.\


So jump right in, start figuring it out, and if you have any questions ask them in that thread. It gets posted in daily. And there's a new guide coming soon, too.

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way cool! thanks guys. i actually never though of posting at the bottom of that thread for answers.... funny how the brain works sometimes.. too busy looking at the big jump to think about the first little step




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I just watched a couple vids and read a few posts then jumped right in. It's not as difficult as it seems. Come on, I'm an old fart and I caught on. :lol: And they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. :dodgy:


So get it up and running, follow the beginners guide video as you go along, then ask any questions you need to ask. It's not hard to use and there is plenty of support right here on LL. You'll be glad you switched as soon as you see what positives MO offers.

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