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Next Future Terrifying Technology Will Blow(Scare) Your Mind..


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That was a great watch, I've heard most of what this video covers before, but they made some good points.

It was quite interesting to hear other peoples points of view on the subject, and that im not alone in my fear of mass surveillance.

good post :)

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Sorry... not enough time to watch the whole video


But I've been feeling something dark with technology


Besides mass surveillance, killing drones, biological weaponry and all kinds of science fiction horrors

Do they mention the horrors of social networks? I mean those are supposedly tools of "communicacion" that "make people closer" but in fact it's the opposite. It's alienating people. I've seen how families dont even look at each other. Too busy in their cellphones.


And what about chips?

I'm telling you. One day they are gonna develop chips that contain your entire life from background to studies, accounts, banks and everything... right into your brain. Your new "identity" card without which you dont exist, just like a bar code.They are going to work as smartphones too. Operative system wired to your biological neural network

EDIT: Forgot to say They. Are. Going. To. LOVE IT.


And mind control... still paranoid but do you guys really think they are not researching it?

Subliminal messages and economy control through publicity and education. It's one big mass control program.

Like a sect

Control information

Control economy

Control education

Control behavior (surveillance)

Control their addictions (from drugs, booze and sex to technology)

Control religion (nihilism)


Finally control lives of people without them even knowing it


I really hope it's just paranoia

But I've seen how people with power behaves. In the end all they want is more power. Moral concernments can go to hell

When power exists somebody is bound to use it


Technology is getting creepier and creepier by the second  :unsure:

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Seems where not entirely safe anymore they even mentioned home brewed atomic bombs posible, how scary.


But nomatter what you do they got you by the balls/tits/cunt whatever and sooner or later it comes back to you nomatter what.


Unless like me you have never registered anywhere and have no photo's on the internet.


But that is not even a guarenteed certainty with these drones or whatever survaillance its SCARY future.


Minority report anybody.


Orwell was right alreay knew it in 1948 damn i could have hide long before 2014 in some CAVE :P

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