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Nvse 4.2.beta4

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Hi I was having problems with animations not starting and help topics showed I need to upgrade to NVSE 4.2.beta4. After doing that NVSE loader wont start and Norton 360 indicates that there is Sonar.Heuristic.120 Trojan virus in nvse_loader.exe. Do you guys know anything about this? Is this a problem with nvse_loader.exe or is  Norton being over careful?  I would like to know as I can not use any of the Sexout mods.


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re downloaded from silverlock.org same problem.  after much hair pulling and screaming I have fixed the problem of over proactive Norton, now its back to first problem on animations not working.  Thanks for your advise

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The script extenders hook into the game process at runtime, which is similar to how viruses and trojans work. This is because the .exes can't be compromised because of various reasons like steamworks for instance. (don't ask me how they do it, I assume with magic) :D


That's why there is a possibility for over-protective AVs to say it's infected. Like KC said, as long as you get it directly from the silverlock site, there shouldn't be any problems and the warnings can be ignored and turned off.

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@Jody:  Please clarify what you mean when you say that anims aren't working.  Is it that two naked people are standing there clipping into each other?  Is it that you press some key and nothing happens?  Have you installed other Sexout mods?  Sexout NG and SCR do nothing on their own.  I would suggest installing SexKey to verify that both SO NG and SCR are installed properly.


Animations not working is due to some NVSE files not being installed in the correct folder.  However, it could also depend on what mods you are running.  Other mods with other knockdown anims like the Groovatron will prevent SO's animations from happening.  Bruce Wayne has a tutorial floating around here that tells you how to deal with those idles in FNVEdit.  You won't notice the difference in the Groovatron in game.


If you're using the Bangatron!, two people have reported that it isn't working for them, and I've yet to figure out why.

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