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Changing race in game

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Im almost sure there is but don't remember the name of it.


I myself use console to change in game race/look etc.


Just open console :

(IMPORTANT ! Don't close console ! keep it open all the time )


1. Write : ShowRaceMenu

2.Change race/appearance

3.Click esc > savegame

4.Load save game and voila.



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A curious effect I found using the racemenu, when I changed race to one whose default height was lower than the original. Everything else was fine, but while swimming, my character couldn't stay on the surface, as if the game thought she was taller, but still registered that she was submerged. So any trip, even accross a small river, might mean drowning if I didn't use water breathing.

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1. unequip all armor & weapons

2. ~ open console

3. type in 'showracemenu'

4. make your changes

5. ~ open console again (if you closed it) and save

6. load that save file


Reason for saving and loading is because, when you change races your skill levels change too.

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