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[Request] Best Unp Textures


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I would recommend Top model. Can be found on Nexus.

i really think top model its a body/meshes, not really textures , but i can be wrong at that , i really like doing combos with xunAmarox (cbbe innies) textures, maevan2 (mature skin), and Hellosanta (SG textures) when im using CBBE, but at dreamgirl i just use SG with somethings from Mature.

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Deedlit- You've right. Top model is a body mesh. I have to confess that I'm mixing this two terms in practice. Hard can distinguish body mesh from body texture, since in my native language (it is not Eniglish) , this two are under one term/expression. So, I have to apologize again.

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Mature seems to be the best imo, playing around with maps with it can yield better results too.


femalehead.dds <- Mature skin
femalebody_1.dds <- Mature skin
femalehands_1.dds <- Mature skin

Normal maps
femalehead_msn.dds <- Women of Skyrim
femalebody_1_msn.dds <- Women of Skyrim
femalehands_1_msn.dds <- Mature skin

Specular maps
femalehead_s.dds <- XCE
femalebody_1_s.dds <- XCE
femalehands_1_s.dds <- XCE

Subsurface maps
femalehead_sk.dds <- No more ugly bronze shine
femalebody_1_sk.dds <- No more ugly bronze shine
femalehands_1_sk.dds <- No more ugly bronze shine


Is pretty good, someone named Smiffff posted that on nexus forums and thats what I use.

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