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I just came across something interesting about JFF output

Monsto Brukes

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Rigid Bodies >> NPC L Breast (for example) >> Mass Properties


Mass(kg) is not stored, neither is Inertia Tensor, in the XML


I determined this by using JFF to set Mass(kg) to a value (1.010101) that I was certain to be reasonbly unique.


Upon opening the file in XML Notepad, and regular Notepad, that value could not be found. 


Please don't suggest that I had the wrong file, or wrong number or something. I fucked around with it for probably :15 doing all manner of shit with the files multiple times, just to be sure. The fact that XML Notepad dings you when the file is changed trumps a lot of it. 


So . . . If these 2 fields aren't stored directly in the XML, they must be derivatives of other fields. 


Any ideas?

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Unfortunately, there are a few things in JFF that do not work, or work the way I (we) think of us.

Gravity factor and mass are such cases.

This you have to edit in the editor.

The formula desired mass in Kg / 1.

Otherwise I can only imagine the shape is set to "hkpSphereSpape" and not to "hkpCapsuleShape".

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I've finally gotten 3ds max with havok content tools to work. I should say, I finally figured out how thanks to Canderes' videos (Thank you!). I changed the rigid body values in 3ds from 5 to 10 for 2 of them. Then I compared it to a previous file. The values went from  0.160002 to 0.080001. They went down when I changed it. That value was the only thing I changed. I'm too tired to do any tests to make sure I didn't nudge something by accident. The values are near the bottom of the rigid body entry. About 15 or so lines above the next number. The name is "<hkparam name="inertiaAndMassInv">(" if you can't read the pic I posted.hope this helps.


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