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  1. How long does it take? Simply the xml of "belly" - mod to use. If the xml is called: hdtPhysicsExtensionsDeaulttBBP.xml, it takes the time, such as copy the xml takes - ca.1 second.
  2. Thanks - I will make update Oh yes, can't wait for that This Hair/XML a litte bit bugy, if you use HDT PE fpr Body. If i have , i wil fix it.
  3. These ears - have the skin / Skin Weight (Bones)?
  4. No idea. Perhaps the hairstyle not right in the ESP? In most cases, several Forms necessary. Hair and Hair-Lines as an extra part.
  5. I do not know if the problem still exists: If your breasts are flatter in the game (and larger/fuller in console or menu): Edit the XML with JFF. In Constraints for left and right breast -> Joint -> Increase the value of Y in Pivot B. Joint.jpg This is the same problem I am What JFF is?Please let me know Sorry,My English is poor http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25491-hdthavokmodifier-just-for-fun-jff-v4/
  6. What you can not download? Modgames: Captcha is math problem. The numbers are written as words.
  7. Today, I will upload update with these new hairstyles.
  8. For real. These hairs? This are already available for Demonica. Show in Club Demonica: http://modgames.net/forum/175-12046-539 And i can only recommend to check back often - here is with Demonica Sucks - and I'm not reuploader. Everything available...
  9. Thx. I'll take a look. However, alpha channel worse in the video and Screenshoots as Numenume - and Numenume already not good.
  10. Mempatch is optional. Actually no longer needed. If your system is running stable, then do not install Lol. I can not believe that this old mod is still found.
  11. It is not for Vanilla Race - only for Demonica Race
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