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  1. How long does it take? Simply the xml of "belly" - mod to use. If the xml is called: hdtPhysicsExtensionsDeaulttBBP.xml, it takes the time, such as copy the xml takes - ca.1 second.
  2. Thanks - I will make update Oh yes, can't wait for that This Hair/XML a litte bit bugy, if you use HDT PE fpr Body. If i have , i wil fix it.
  3. These ears - have the skin / Skin Weight (Bones)?
  4. No idea. Perhaps the hairstyle not right in the ESP? In most cases, several Forms necessary. Hair and Hair-Lines as an extra part.
  5. I do not know if the problem still exists: If your breasts are flatter in the game (and larger/fuller in console or menu): Edit the XML with JFF. In Constraints for left and right breast -> Joint -> Increase the value of Y in Pivot B. Joint.jpg This is the same problem I am What JFF is?Please let me know Sorry,My English is poor http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25491-hdthavokmodifier-just-for-fun-jff-v4/
  6. What you can not download? Modgames: Captcha is math problem. The numbers are written as words.
  7. Today, I will upload update with these new hairstyles.
  8. For real. These hairs? This are already available for Demonica. Show in Club Demonica: http://modgames.net/forum/175-12046-539 And i can only recommend to check back often - here is with Demonica Sucks - and I'm not reuploader. Everything available...
  9. Thx. I'll take a look. However, alpha channel worse in the video and Screenshoots as Numenume - and Numenume already not good.
  10. Mempatch is optional. Actually no longer needed. If your system is running stable, then do not install Lol. I can not believe that this old mod is still found.
  11. It is not for Vanilla Race - only for Demonica Race
  12. This object will be added only standard NPC. Additional NPC - Followers mods, etc. - you can with console command to add or the NPC ESP modify. Console: Id find from objec Enter: Help Havok Click on NPC in console: Enter additem ID 1 Enter equipitem ID Hello, Please clarify, what data should we add to the NPC's esp? This is only recommended when very, very many additional NPC's are installed. Adding to the inventory of the NPC the Havok item. Inventory of NPC mostly Outfit Set / Leveled Items - Then edit this Outfit Set / Leveled Item. I recommend t
  13. Both hair styles work fine as is with HDT and CBBE you can get them from nexus. I think the whole point of this mod is to get them to work with Demonica. I couldn't find the numenume hairs HDT for cbbe could you please link? http://www.loverslab.com/topic/26557-are-there-any-other-hdt-hairs-besides-ponytail/?do=findComment&comment=667678
  14. This method does not work with NPC. It only works when the NPC: is naked -> femalebody no shoes / boots -> femalefeet no gloves -> femalehand etc. Head does not work because the NIF is not used (tri-files) t is useful maximum for SexLab - undress problems with slots
  15. Yes I enj you must be enjoying yourself then Yes I enjoy, because I have my own hdt.xml Demonica - all the more. What is the name set in the picture, I can not read the writing?
  16. Private is ok. I have everything from private Demonica in TBBP. Also Pushup Body and clothing - but only private
  17. Yes, Krista's new private set is realy lovely. To bad, that's not TBBP. I will not convert - there again discussions about Pushupbody (corset) and TBBP. I have no desire to discuss, and certainly not for 90% conversion:
  18. thanks, nice to finally understand how to make skyrim armours, weapons and extras... for now i'll keep my demonica projects private... looking forward to downloading your new set. thanks again. You use Demonica TBBP? Maybe is right for you http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1232-demonica-gotiic-leather-armor-tbbp-by-pclp/ Private? Why? I have here 34 armor, sometimes only mashus, mostly homemade. But always some mesh available from others. Therefore, (no permission), I can not publish it. Why not do new things, or armor with permission. Only for prviat is crap,
  19. Well - you did it. Congratulations. The armor is not really to my taste (I like the bone rather in the body) - but I have downloaded and looks good. On to the next project
  20. the body of Bruce Lee is the normal standard, it should look like a normal male body, he was not slim! but this body shape goes to the extreme. http://www.loverslab.com/uploads/monthly_07_2014/post-232301-0-20236600-1404324993.png http://www.loverslab.com/uploads/monthly_06_2014/post-232301-0-21439000-1403135356.png http://www.loverslab.com/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&record=128306&id=1223&full=1 In the last picture, I agree with you. If the bones are already outside the body ... lol And then also misplaced.
  21. The xml is independent of Havok Breast Physic - Mod If the xml hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml is called, you can take what you want. The xml for males should be htdm.xml. I do not create xml. At least not for breasts, etc. - that's history for me. There is here at LL sufficient mods and modders who deal with it.
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