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trying to trouble shoot skyrim happened after installing the newest sexlab 1.52


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Not sure why but i been getting a strange bug at the game start and losing player controls. i have real small mod list to check compatibility.


At first i thought it was sexlab defeat so i disabled it and still lose player controls. then i thought it was zaz disabled it and still lose player controls.





Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
Skyrim Project Optimization - Full Version.esm





So something tells there something amiss with sexlab 1.52 itself, because it stops after i disable that.


The only way to fix it the use of enableplayercontrols in console then i can walk again for a few moments and lose control again this keeps happening till either ralof or the other remove my binding.


I am currently using mod organizer to quickly test new mods without conflict with my regular game.

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Thanks, but i think i got the culprit down:



I had this mod active and was also causing the error i got from sexlab submit not showing up with mcm menu not sure why this was causing it. But after i disabled it and started a new game no more error from player losing controls during the intro sequence. Maybe something has drastically changed for this mod to cause this bug.

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