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See You Sleep


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Like to know if the see you sleep and See You Sleep Patch Compilation mods compatible with Lovers 


 Active Mod Files:

00  Oblivion.esm
01  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm
02  Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm  [Version 1.33]
03  x117race.esm
04  Chanpon.esm
05  BreakUndies.esm
06  CM Partners.esm
07  Lovers with PK.esm
08  TamagoClub.esm
09  HiyokoClub.esm
0A  LoversCreature.esm
0B  TamagoBreak.esp
0C  TamagoNews.esp
0D  TamagoShop.esp
0E  TamagoTopic.esp
0F  TamagoConfide.esp
10  LoversTamagoClub.esp
11  LoversEncounter.esp
12  HiyokoGenerator.esp
13  HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.esp
14  HiyokoFutureDream.esp  [Version y]
15  TamagoSetBody.esp
16  DLCShiveringIsles.esp
17  Knights.esp
18  Living Economy.esp
19  Living Economy - Items.esp
1A  Cutthroat Merchants.esp
++  MaleBodyReplacerV5.esp
1B  Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp  [Version 1.33]
1C  AdditionalRaces&Classes.esp
1D  CM Partners.esp
1E  _NDibellaBT.esp
1F  _NDibellaChl.esp
20  SPB Oppai Sensei.esp
21  Lush & Gaudy Water.esp
22  Carry all you want-5118.esp
23  Robes.esp
24  soka.esp
25  Anvil Docks Abode.esp
26  VipCxj_HighHeels.esp
27  ElvenSorceress BU.esp
28  Pornostatues.esp
29  TACMSpriggan.esp
2A  TafasSexyLingerieset02.esp
2B  Vtoy.esp
2C  DQcow.esp
2D  Rikku FFX2.esp
2E  StaffOfSexualReassignment.esp
2F  superSP_fatigue_restore_ring.esp
30  LadyFantasyBBBHVer.esp
31  BitchTattoo.esp
32  Body Writing.esp
33  SwordDancer.esp
34  Dancers clothes.esp
35  milkslave.esp
36  Adventurer Set.esp
37  Bound Set.esp
38  Dangerous.esp
39  things_and_things.esp
3A  GouchoGirl.esp
3B  sisterL&F.esp
3C  KingkongNewOutfits.esp
3D  BudongsNarcolepsySpell.esp
3E  MyBeachHouse.esp
3F  Hideout.esp
40  Secret Sancuary v0.04.esp
41  ZAZHorseRidesYou.esp
42  SexGGodess.esp
43  Iron Maiden Set.esp
44  DMRA BBB Complete Clothing and Armor Replacer.esp
45  MaternityClothes.esp
46  LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp
47  LoversVoiceSSPplus.esp
48  LoversRaperS.esp
49  LoversBed.esp
4A  LoversPower.esp
4B  LoversContraception.esp
4C  Lovers with PK.esp  [Version 96v4a]
4D  LoversBitch.esp
4E  LoversCreature.esp
4F  LoversAchievments.esp
50  Lovers with PK Extender.esp  [Version 2.4.3]
51  AddActorValues_example.esp
52  LoversSpermSplashEx.esp
53  LoversEscapeRapeVPlayer.esp
54  LoversRapeSlave.esp
55  LoversMagic.esp
56  LoversSlaveTrader.esp
57  LSTBravilUnderground.esp
58  LSTaddonoutH.esp
59  LoversCrowningIsle.esp
5A  LoversTrueCrimeEx.esp
5B  HackdirtAlive.esp
5C  PSE-HackdirtAlive-Patch.esp
5D  The Lost Spires.esp
5E  Pelham-LostSpires-Fix.esp
----> Delinquent MASTER: PlayerSlaveEncounters.esp
5F  PlayerSlaveEncounters.esp
60  LoversPayBandit.esp
61  PSE-PayBandit-Patch.esp
62  LoversBackup2.esp
63  LoversBrute.esp
64  LoversOrgy.esp
65  LoversImmoralSisters.esp
66  TeddyChest.esp
67  Haubergeon.esp
68  MadCompanionshipSpells.esp  [Version 2.5]
69  MCS extension.esp
6A  SharK_H_Religion.esp
6B  SetBody.esp
6C  AutoSetBody.esp
6D  Level_Rates_Modified_x4.esp
6E  DiabloEF 6 in 1.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp
**  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged RoseSims Hair Modules.esp
++  x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp
6F  Chocolate Elves.esp
70  IDKRRR_C_race.esp
71  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Ashara's Sirens and Tritons.esp
72  AsharasSirensAndTritons.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Cute Elves.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp
73  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp
++  Beautiful People 2ch-Ed ENG Race.esp
74  x117race.esp
++  x117Race ENG Race.esp
75  Lop-ears Elf.esp
76  OOO-Level_Stock.esp  [Version 1.33]
77  OOO-Respawn_Week.esp  [Version 1.33]
78  OOO-Map_Markers_Stock.esp  [Version 1.33]
79  Bashed Patch, 0.esp
7A  77_Umpa_Sexy_walk.esp
7B  Specialanims.esp
7C  LoversMB2.esp
7D  Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp
7E  LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp
7F  Lovers3dorgasm.esp
80  LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp

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Why not use the DLL plugin...?



Should be compatible with Lovers. Doesn't fill your load order with endless patches. Compatible even with obscure mods that do not have a patch.


Compatible, unless another plugin uses the activate function on a bedding. I have that problem with simcamp - had to let see you sleep go, because both want to do stuff by activating bedding.


As for lovers - plugins that change camera always have the potential to conflict with lovers, DLL or plugin doesn't matter there. If you get invisible body syndrome, then it might be it does conflict. If instead everything works fine - well, then everything works fine :)


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You have two animations going off at the same time. You shouldn't be surprised that they don't work particularly well.

Turn off anything that interupts sleep, or edit whatever esp it is that involves an on sleep event to include a check for the sleep animation.

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