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[Request] Job demands for asset or animation creators


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As every modder here knows it's very difficult since the launch of Skyrim to found meshers on Fallout New Vegas.


What I propose is to have a general thread, open to all modders, where they can explain their needs.


I submit 4 rules to make the thread always readable :

  • If a need description is a large text, give a phrase explaining generally and set the details in a spoiler tag.
  • When your need is solved, say it, for example by striking the text.
  • Don't reply here but contact the modder by PM, only demands here please.
  • If the work asked for can be hosted any day out of LL, it must be precised in the demand.


If moderators think this thread is idiot, don't hesitate to delete it.



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My needs for now :

  • Babies (priority need) (thanks to Halstrom letting me use a meshe of SCR



I need a baby corpse I can put in a baby bed.

It must not be activable (no container or NPC)  and must be done in 3 races (Caucasian, African and Asian)

If it is animated (for example legs and arms moving) it would be the paradise :P




  • Slave clothes


For now there is only one model of slave rags. If I could have some other clothes with the same textures (to see it is a slave) like Doctor blouse or Vault equipement it would be great




Note that it is for SexoutSlavers 2 so if you are a mesher any idea to ameliorate the camp is welcome.



Thanks to have read me and waiting for your PMs :)

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Thanks. Didn't know if I had the right to do that without using SCR, I'll do that.


I try always to avoid property problems.

That ones ok I think there's only some Breeder meshes in SCR that people would have to check with User29 before using, but otherwise I really don't care about who uses my stuff for what, as long as it's not kiddie porn, it's all just pixels :)

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STATUS:  Unfulfilled


Here's hoping for this thread to become pinned for other requests.


Rabbit, or perhaps even better, a Jackelope

While I have limited (i.e., a set ceiling) funds, I'm assuming that it's okay for me to use the wording on here and say that I'm willing to commission it.  Besides, there's got to be someone on here that wants to fuck a rabbit/jackelope.

  • Texture
  • Mesh
  • Animation



Dogs are cool, but I want a rabbit/jackelope companion (don't worry about the lore, I've made it up in my head).  I have wanted one FOR YEARS (I have rabbits IRL).  I have images that I can provide to you as a rough guide for what I'm hoping for image-wise.  In Oblivion, someone made a rabbit from a rat by just removing the extra bones of the tail and attaching that to the mesh.  There is a rat in NV, FWIW, so perhaps a skeleton and some base animations could be used from that?


The end goal is to mimic some of the functionality of the FO3 My Dog companion.  While I initially planned on posting it to Nexus, I understand and will respect the wishes of anyone who helps (please help :angel::heart: ) if you'd prefer it to be hosted here only.




EDIT:  In keeping with the original format idea for the thread, PM if interested/willing.  I will update the status upon replies.

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STATUS:  Unfulfilled


Audio qualifies under assets, yes?


Audio for New Dialogue primarily for ghouls and also for a few misc NPCs in Fallout 3

  • Splicing to create new speech files



I want to/have started making a Gob companion.  I have plans to make a Charon companion that builds on/changes things from the Charon Improved mod (I've already got llamaRCA's permission).


People prefer voiced NPCs, including myself.  I really don't want to skimp on dialogue or force the player to do the burden of narrating.  I can do basic splicing, but I'm just not very good at matching audio mid-word to create entirely new sentences.


Regarding existing dialogue, I can create Excel (I think csv format) files from another "mod" that I've got (iirc, php/mysql database of all dialogue) that can export the NPC name, voice type, dialogue, and audio file name.  To make your life easier, I can make suggestions as to which files to use to get the right words and tone.  Of course, your ears might be better than mine.  Because the mods (starting with Gob and finishing with Charon because I don't have as many quest ideas for him yet) both have the same voice type, some basic audio can be used more than once.


The scope is to make both quest-aware and add in some companion and Underworld quests.  As you gain favor (friends only or romantic), you will get perks.  After initial functionality and quests are taken care of, a neato-keen Underworld house with quick world access (and possibly fast-travel enabled) will be created and awarded (or cheat access?) to the player after sufficient Underworld and/or companion favor.  The premise of the home is that because you've done so much for them, they've cleaned up some of the rubble for another exhibit and everyone pitched in some neat stuff/existing museum exhibit stuff so that you can have a nice place to stay.


Again, while I was planning on hosting at Nexus, I will respect the wishes of anyone who works with me if they prefer to keep it LL only.


As far as what I've gotten done, I've filled in all of Gob's basic packages taken care of (follow long, short, default, sandbox, go home, fight style, sneak without combat, sneak until in battle, etc.) and almost all of the hiring him quest (which has 5 or 6 ways that it can be completed based on actions that you've taken in Megaton, your willingness to kill, and your perks).  The second quest (provided that you killed Moriarty) will be to find a replacement bartender to help Nova tend the bar (3 different ways to complete).  I would have to look at my notes to see what other quest ideas I had specifically for him.  Both it and the Charon one would also have the Underworld quests that would go towards your favor with both of them, and eventually, there would be interaction between the two should you have both mods installed and both as active companions with a delay set so that if one says something, the other one doesn't use that same phrase for 24 hours.




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  • 3 weeks later...

You like to see NPC faces differentiated ?


You would like to see more chidren in game ?


You are able to create NPC with the Geck ?





The idea is to make children in some .esp that other mods could get in.


To do that, make NPC as child with self made faces (survey also what are faces when you change to adult), use a formlist to add all your children in and delver the mod, modders will be able to get NPCs in the list ;)

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STATUS: Unfulfilled


If you don't want your assets hosted on the Nexus, move along.  Nothing to see here.


Create a Custom face in the GECK from pictures for a custom companion.


I would think that tweaking the values in the GECK for a generic NPC would be easier than actually creating the mesh in Blender (if that how meshes are born).  The plan is for this companion to eventually be hosted here AND on the Nexus.

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@Strec (EDIT previously posted to nyaallich :blush: )

Perhaps you should make some comment on the OP related to Nexus use mentioned or LL exclusive use mentioned in the requests as some here might get very angry if anything they helped with gets sent to the Nexus.


Also - Love this idea. Wonderful way for some minor (and major) assets to be developed "piecemeal" and enhance the mods created by members of LL.

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some here might get very angry if anything they helped with gets sent to the Nexus.



You are right. I'll precise in the first post as a rule that if any work is to be used out of LL it must be precised on demand, like did Nyaalich.

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@ritual:  I didn't make the OP.  In the post that I did just make, I did put the Nexus warning in the first statement.  Am I missing something?


No of course not. ... I had a couple of tabs open on my tripple monitor helping User13 with some modding questions and thought you made the OP. Thought wrongly of course. Much to my embarrassment. :blush: You did exactly as you should have done. ;) That was the reason for my post. Just goofed up and posted it towards the wrong person... :rolleyes:


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I need a re-texture/re-color for my creature, which is almost completed. Nothing great, but while I usually can manage these little works, this time everytime I try to do something it comes out very bad. Prolly I'm just not good with creatures.

As I said, NOTHING GREAT. PM me for details.


PS she will be posted here, but not in other websites.

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STATUS:  Fulfilled by AJ


Cat's Paw skill magazine


I'm looking for something that resembles a vanilla skill magazine with a cover matching the classic Fallout one. Will be used in Soliciting to boost your sex skill. There is mod with this on Nexus already, but it is not free to reuse. Probably very easy, but I've never worked with meshes/textures.

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  • 2 months later...

STATUS:  Fulfilled by NepoznatiNN


REQUIRE: General Brothelesque Paraphernalia:


I need some new props for an upcoming Sexout addition. Nothing uber fancy, just a few assets (meshes/textures) that would add flavour and pizzazz that can't otherwise be found in the game. In that vein, I would be extremely grateful if someone could provide the following assets:


- Makeup box

- Candles (lit and with molten wax would be nice)

- Condom box

- Condom (single, in packet)

- Bidet

- Carpets and rugs

- Vintage 40's to 60's pin up posters and portraits

- Signs (small ones to put above doors, a few large establishment logos and pictures


If you feel any (or all) of these are within your capabilities and you are interested in contributing, please PM me for further details.  ;)








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  • 3 months later...

sir kremlin for your consideration http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44835/? has black candles carpets and rugs also you could you not copy the item data for say cigarette packs and cartons then rename them for the condoms? and for single condoms used duplicated renamed bottle caps




edit this mod also has a stripper pole for those who might be interested

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

STATUS:  Unfulfilled. 


REQUIRE: Shoes glorious shoes!!!


Shoes are a girl's best friends. Diamonds come and go but shoes are forever.


Which is why it surprises me there are so few no statics of shoes in FNV, like anywhere. 


So what I need are statics, very much like the wearables ones you see in mods such as Belts and Boots, Kristina's Closet, etc, but not just wearable, but as statics too:




Instead of this...




More like this....














Feel free to contact those respective authors for their permission if using their assets, or just create from scratch if you feel like it!


Thanks in advance.




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I need some stuff like armors and weapons, I anybody have some time to spend or, as a beginner mesher, want to try some job, here is the content I would.


The mod concerned is about slavery and the stuff is the equipment of the slavers army, so it is military oriented, so I don't wan't to have NPCs looking like babes but like serious guards  :D


So I need :

1 set of armor (set is upperbody and eventually helmet) for standard guards 

1 set of armor for officers


As I don't know if it is useful I want to say that guards will have long range weapons and officers will have short range weapons.


If I was able to do that I would realise them like this but you are free to follow other rules :

in dark green 

  • soldiers with helmets but with face visible
  • officers with berets, ideally in different variations of colors


If interested to do more I recruit, PM me for informations  :P






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Oups, didn't see that I said 'like armors and weapons'. It was my first idea but as my priority was armors I changed the demand and did remove the weapons.


If anybody want to do weapons no problems, I let you choose the skins in the same limits than armor (serious, not pink and yellow please) and they must not to be too powerfull, for example the level that NCR soldiers or ordinary legionnaires uses. Guards will use long range weapons and officers short range one handed weapons.


N.B.: in any case put your meshes and textures in a specific directory to help distributing :)

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